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About Dr. Rabbit

Hello guys, now I'm with my Patreon dedicated to furry content!
Drawings, sketches and studies, and a comic!
I hope always bring good content for you, and I count on your help!

What is Patreon?
Here in Patreon you can help me and I make unique content for you through pledge.
Each pledge has a value corresponding to the content.

Why do I need your support?
I want to be free to my creations and studies! I also want to be closer to the people who follow my work. Besides having to pay my bills, as my apartment rent, food, etc

What kind of things will I be drawing?
I like to draw a bit of everything! but this Patreon have more Furry content, many drawings and studies, and also really want to start making a comic.
I will also polls for you to choose what they want me to draw.
NOTE: I like this to be a good experience for every one, so I'm open to ideas for Rewards i can give you that you like to see.

>>>>>    Rule and how it works  <<<<<<

1. Every month I will make drawings, sketches, studies, and more. Between 1 -10 of every month I will send you the file for you to download and enjoy.
2. Any problem should be reported within 30 days, which is the period the link is available for download. When that time is up, I will not be able to solve the problem, if you have not told me. Stay tuned and read all the posts I make, there may be important notices.
3. You will be able to receive only the Packs that come after the start of your pledge.
Example: If you kept your pledge during the month of August, you will receive the Pack at the beginning of September (1-10).
5. You will receive the packages that will be available after becoming a patreon.
6. From Pack 47 only all images will be available for download here on Patreon, so patrons Level Silver should download the content on Patreon. The other levels will continue to receive the link to download all content for the corresponding level.

Old Packs can be purchased at Gumroad

THANK Q for your help!!

Month Updates!
(previews weekly)
56% complete
More versions of the drawings sent in each pack.
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