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Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Alan OW Barnes, and I create stories.

I say it that way because I write, I draw comics, and I make music. I have been making my living by creating media for other folks for a long time. Some clients include The Epic Battle Campaign, Tim Price, and the Grammys. I have a couple masters degrees. One in music composition, and one in visual storytelling. I also teach digital arts at Johnson University.

What is Patreon?

If you are unfamiliar, Patreon is a way for you to essentially give me a tip if you like my work. It is set up for you to tip me monthly, but you can also stop at any time. If you do send me a tip, you have my thanks, and I'll give you some stuff you may like or want, but I'll tell you about that later.

Work I've Already Completed

Before I tell you what I'm going to make, let me mention some things I already made that you may have seen:
- I drew some illustrated novels for Timothy Price's Big in Japan series about a rock band who fight Kaiju (giant Japanese monsters) in a huge cowboy robot. It was featured on, and G-Fan magazine.
- You may have seen my work on a character called Marrow Man that I drew for the "Epic Battle Campaign". Marrow Man comics are given exclusively to bone marrow transplant recipients in connection with "Be the Match".
- You may have seen one of several movies I made and/or scored, including "La Bear" or the "The Unenviable Position of Rod and Penelope", for which I won "Best Film Score" at the Atlanta 48 hr Film Project in 2013.

My Mission

In the tradition of the great story tellers, I'm writing stories about monsters. I'll paraphrase Chesterton and say that I tell stories about monsters not because I want children to believe monsters exist, but rather to show them that the real monsters are bullies and manipulators. I tell stories about monsters so that children learn that those monsters can be defeated. 

My Current Projects

I’m drawing a YA comic I write called the Crow Chronicles which is a nod to the classic universal Monsters. Really it is my attempt to play with the materials that inspired the Universal Monsters. So, for example, my Mummy story is a modernized take on the Bram Stoker novel, The Jewel of the Seven Stars. My main character is Caitlin Crow, a teenage girl, and writer for her school blog. This year she'll be inundated with Egyptian stuff but she'lll be exploring werewolf and creature mythology next year. This is my webcomic, available on webtoons and tapastic, but there will also be print editions available this Fall.

I'm writing and illustrating a middle grade book called Man Grooves about a folk band of monsters who solve Scooby-Doo-style mysteries. The great thing about Mangrooves is that it also gives me a platform to record some music, and claim that my fictitious band is playing that stuff. Man Grooves should be out this Summer. It will be available in print and e-book, and you can even read it for free on Wattpad.

In connection with my teaching, I'm writing a book series I call Repetition and Contrast: A Guide to Independent Media Creation. I'll be explaining how to write, draw, design, animate, make music and make film on a budget through a series of interactive iBooks/Kindle Books. 

What I'm Posting on Patreon

OK, now that you know what I'm doing, here's what I'm posting on Patreon:

I've already finished the First Book of the Crow Chronicles. I'm publishing it online, one page per week. If you tip me at any level, you will see the pages one week before they are made public on webtoons and tapastic.

I'm going to post process videos/pdfs where I basically explain what I'm doing and why with regard to the work I make. This includes writing, drawing, and music making.
I'm also going to post the materials I'm creating for  Repetition and Contrast: A Guide to Independent Media Creation as I make it. Probably at least one chapter per month starting in August 2019. 

Why Should You Help Me?

Well, in all honesty, I don't know. I mean, if I were in your shoes I don't know that I would. Here are my thoughts:  I'm going to systematically teach you everything I know about making media...and frankly, I've been doing it a long time, so as I get into this, you will learn a lot for very little money (especially compared with how much I spent to learn it). Hopefully, you like the work I'm producing and just want to show your support to help me make more of it. Think of Patreon as a tip are watching me at a pub gig. If you like what I'm jamming, throw me a dollar to say so. I probably don't need to tell you that stories, and drawing, and music are increasingly difficult to monetize. That is what this platform is designed to do: help monetize art.

If you are still interested, please check out the reward tiers to see what kind of tip gains you access to any of these pieces that might interest you.

Thanks for even considering helping the cause! 

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