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Temporarily exclusive access to content I'm not ready to publish yet. Drafts, incomplete chapters in progress, snippets for stories I haven't started writing yet, reviews, rants and headcanons.
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Name of your choice given to a cameo character in one of my fics; access to outlines, so you can spoiler yourself for my upcoming plans if you like; and four times a year, you get to vote on what the next project I'm going to take on will be, within a list of choices I provide.




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So I write stuff. You probably know that if you're on this page.

When I'm focused, when my health is good and my blood pressure's down and I'm not under crippling financial stress, I can write 2,000 words a day. At my best, I've been known to get 20,000 done on a Saturday. But my rate's been half that in 2014 because none of that stuff has been true.

By supporting me you enable me to write more and faster. It's that simple.

But we all know that warm fuzzy feelings of generosity plus a buck twenty gets you a candy bar, so what's in it for you?

For anyone who pledges two dollars or more a month, I will be offering temporarily exclusive content. Drafts of stories in progress. Snippets from stories I'm not writing yet, but there are scenes already written in my head, and I'll put them down in pixels for you. Rants. Headcanons. Reviews.

This is either material that will be released eventually when the story they're part of gets to that point, or material I intend to release publicly, but you guys get it at least a week before anyone else does. So none of this is permanently exclusive (aside possibly from drafts I retcon and decide not to use), but you get early access.

Five dollars or more a month, and I'll use your name, handle, persona or OC (your choice) as a cameo in a fic. Plus, three or four times a year, I'll let my five-dollar-and-higher supporters pick, via vote, which of my projects I'll work on next. And you get access to outlines as well, so if you want spoilers, you can spoil yourself thoroughly. (Though anything I outline may change as I write it.)

Twenty dollars or more a month, and you can hit me up with requests for scenes, ficlets or full stories (we'll discuss the fine print if it comes to that; my muse won't let me write every possible story idea.)

You write fanfic. Is this actually legal?

While the legality of fanfic itself has always been somewhat questionable, fans have always followed a specific principle: don't sell fanfic for money. As long as you're not selling your work, fanfic lives in a grey area not fully covered by the law, but sell it and you immediately do smack into an area specifically forbidden by copyright.

However, I'm not selling the fanfic. The fanfic will get written one way or another. I'm selling me. I'm selling earlier or greater access to my brain and my writing than other people get. 

This is why I've based my account on monthly support rather than per-project. I may create a second account for solely the original work, and base that on per-project, but under a monthly support rate, you're supporting me and what I do with my time, not paying for the actual work I produce.

You have multiple fandoms, but I only care about the work you do in one specific fandom.

Tough. Like I said, you're supporting me, not specific projects. You always have the choice to withdraw support because I'm not writing enough in the fandom you like. 

I don't want you to write stories of type X.

See above. You don't get to pick what I don't write, though at five dollars a month or more you do get some say in what I do write. But if I decide to write a silly fluffy romance for a pairing you hate, your objections are not gonna stop me. I write a lot of stuff; you may have better luck next time getting something you want. I do provide a lot of warnings and content advisories, so you can probably avoid reading what you don't want.

You're not writing fast enough!

I am human, and I have the same kind of lumpy gray neurons in my cranium that you have in yours. I get tired, I get headaches, I get deadlines at work or things I have to do for my kids. That being said, I don't owe most people an explanation of why I'm not writing fast enough, but anyone who's pledged to support my writing... I do owe you guys explanations. So patrons get to find out what's causing delays, what i'm working on now, and how quickly it's getting done, a lot more often than anyone else does. That doesn't mean I can necessarily write faster because you want me to, but I can tell you why I'm not.

If you can live with these caveats and this sounds like a good deal to you, then you're exactly the kind of person who might like to make a pledge. Thanks for being a fan!
$27.03 of $250 per month
I'm self-employed and set my own hours. $250 of funding a month lets me blow off enough hours of billable work from my job to write an additional 10,000 words a month beyond what I was most likely gonna do (my average monthly rate is about 30,000 words).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts

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