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❤  Thank you so much for checking out my page 

Hello! My name is Albatross and I love creating artwork that makes the brain tingle and the senses go wild as well as polishing my skills so my art can be as beautiful as it can possibly be!

It is my goal to be a full-time artist and with your help that can become a reality!

Using this platform I will be trying out several different projects, stick with the ones I like, and change it up as we go. That means the projects are flexible and can change over time. I am working hard to make these interesting and engaging for both me and you.
Even as goals and rewards might change I want to keep it simple, straightforward and transparent.

Above all I committed to make this worth your while.


DEMO OUT NOW! (Build 307)

Bubblegum Sunday is an Erotic RPG/Dress-up Simulator. The game takes place in Siren City, a place brimming with nightlife and sexual energy. To make ends meet, you decide to make money the quickest way you know how: sex work.

Earn your money by night and spend it during the day, so you can create the perfect* you! You can create many different looks using the wide variety of clothing, hairstyles, and more.

You will encounter many different characters with unique story lines to follow. Do you dare to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes?

The old version was developed in the GameMaker engine. Future development will be done
using the Unity engine and have many new features! Please be patient as this is a passion project and progress will be slow.

A game for Windows and Android.


The Hotline offers you the chance to suggest me ideas and inspiration at any time! Using the Discord channel, you can spitball your thoughts with me and the others patrons as long as you like! (10€+ Reward)

Nights in Ludos is a weekly comic following the life of Ashley Dahl as she dives into the sexy underworld of Siren City. She will go from innocent cutie to, well, wherever you want her to go. Will she keep her innocence, or lose her mind to corruption? You decide. (10€+ Reward)

Currently working on Chapter Two

In an attempt to neatly organize all the images I have drawn in the past I have set up the Albatross Archives. They will contain all the illustrations I have drawn (remastered) and at a higher resolution than ever before!


In order to get your Discord rewards, please make sure to link your Discord account to your Patreon account! (Read more here) That way the bot can give you your appropriate roles & room access :)

Ultimately I want to have a lot of fun creating beautiful images for you to enjoy. Your support means the world to me, so thank you very much for your pledge!

❤ Thank you for reading! ❤


This Patreon is set to 'charge upfront'. That means that if you pledge you will be charged once for entry. I use this system to avoid my content being stolen. Once you have paid for entry you will be charged on monthly cycles. (between the 1st & 5th of the next month)

Contact me at [email protected]
Follow me on Twitter
I stream every Thursday & Saturday (at noon CET) on

94% complete
  • Alba's Boutique
If we can consistently stay above this goal, I will begin looking into opening an online shop so I can sell physical goodies! Keep your eyes on it~
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