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is creating Starseed Mission Support
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Level 1 - Clearing the Slate
per month

Monthly distant group Activations & Energy Clearings of the highest priority Karmic imprints, Auric Field Attachments, Unnatural Seals & Implants and DNA distortions that are negatively effecting your experience of life the most, and hindering your growth & evolution. Includes exclusive members only offers

Level 2 - Tools for Self Mastery
per month

Complete Level 1 benefits PLUS energetic tools & techniques to expand your intuition, open up a greater connection to your higher self, and master your energy field

Level 3 - Starseed Mission Launch
per month

Complete Level 1 & 2 benefits as well as advanced training and support to help launch or take your Starseed Mission to the next level. Including nuts and bolts practical steps on how to get started earning an income for your "spiritual" services with virtually no start up cost, marketing strategies to "level up", and advanced manifestation techniques to supercharge your intentions to help reach your goals for your healing practice or related services

About Alchemical University

Alchemical University is dedicated to providing assistance to the Awakening Starseed of the planet. Offering support with everything from on going remote group Activations & Energy Clearings of the Highest Priority Energetic Blockages, Auric Field Attachments and Karmic issues, to training material, tools and techniques to MASTER your energy field, or even more advanced support to help you LAUNCH, or take your Starseed Mission to the next LEVEL. No matter what stage of the Starseed journey you are on Alchemical University has a level of support for you! Checkout the three tiers of membership now and decide what level of assistance is right for YOU...

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