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About Alexander-LR

. Why Did I Make A Patreon:

Hello everyone ! Whether you are a new comer or a continue supporter, I wish to let you all you know why I created a Patreon in the first place ! You see, as a freelance artist it can be quite difficult to find work and earn money from solely doing art. Yes, it does has its ups and downs, but when your doing this as a full time job, it can be quite stressful. Also, it can be very alarming if you don't have enough money to pay the bills or to even put food in your mouth, which adds more stress to the body. In the past, I was very thankful that my father was there to support me in what I'v been doing ! But now that he's gone from this world, I'm left to assist my family (my brother and mother) alone. So far, me and my brother are trying are best to pay our monthly bills while giving some cash to our mother to pay for food and other necessities. Also, I'm currently in college trying my best to earn my associates degree, but due to myself constantly working on my my school work, it has been quite quite difficult for me to complete my remaining commissions.

. Trouble With My Other Source Of Income: 

By the way, I do wish to point out that I do have a different source of income but it's not enough to support a family of three. You see, I have a Youtube Channel that goes by the name of "Alexander-LR" where I post different videos involving speedpaints, critiques, animations and funny skits. I sometimes receive a decent amount of views from my lovely audience, but the platform known as Youtube can be a living hell for any content creator, especially to those who make it a living. I'm pretty sure some of you are aware of the infamous ad apocalypse, where a majority of content creators (including myself) have lost monetization due to sponsors removing their ads due to "extremist" content. Due to this, many of us had our earrings dropped down to nearly 60 to 70 percent ! And if your your a user with a low amount of subscribers and low amount of views, then that kind of effect can lead your channel spiraling down the toilet. 

. Your Support:

I will assure you that your support will have a significant change on me and my family's lives. With your assistance, I can still work on my freelancing while creating videos for my fans over at Youtube. By the way, with your amazing contribution you will be receiving rewards that may peek your interest. Also, I won't hold it against you if can't donate, but there's another way you can help out and that's by spreading the word online about my Patreon ! Anyways, thank you so much for reading and I hope many of you have a wonderful day/evening !  

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You see, as an artist I wish to improve my skills and increase my knowledge involving art. Since we're all living in a era that is filled with so much technology, it has become a necessity to use them. Anyways, my goal is to use different advanced equipment that can assist me in creating more of my art in a professional like matter. Also, I'm highly interested in getting the "Huion GT-185 Graphic Drawing Tablet Monitor" since that's a very good tool for me to use.
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