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About Alex Shaw

School of Movies is an ongoing series of weekly in-depth podcasts and occasional YouTube videos. 

We've been talking about films like this since 2010, and as well as new episodes on the main feed you can subscribe to our complete archives of hundreds of shows, whether you're a patron or not.

Here on Patreon you can join the biggest fans within our community to support School of Movies and New Century and get access to some tasty bonus goodies in the process.

At the $3 level you can get two-day early preview access to every release.

At the $5 level you can enjoy a growing library of Patreon-only shows. You'll find Quick Reviews, which are my first impressions back from the cinema. A lot of movies will never get a full show, so this is a great way to get some perspective while it's still fresh in my mind. 

Cutting Class is all the backstage chat and tangents we go off on with our guests that don't make the final cut. Some of it is personal, a lot of it is funny, some of it is fascinating. 

Every patron gets access to an exclusive RSS feed allowing you to download everything that gets posted up to your support level, directly to your phone. I'm calling this Alexander Shaw's Audio Club

Commissions: You can get your choice of topic discussed on School of Movies for $150. Definitely get in touch beforehand to see whether we already have plans for it. TV shows cost more and we will work our hardest to deliver honest, accurate, engaging and hopefully funny deconstructions.

Special Sponsorship: As one of our $15 supporters you will be alongside some of our most loyal listeners who contribute a sizeable percentage of our monthly take-home. In return your name will be read out in the credits and added to the show notes of every episode of New Century and now also School of Movies released in that month. 

New Century:
is a series of novels and audio drama podcast adaptations. 
The audiobooks are available on Bandcamp.
And the novels are available on the Kindle store. 
This Patreon is absolutely key to the production of this steam-mythology universe. Our supporters provide the monthly budget to pay my stable of actors, pay my artist, Antonio Torresan, buy licensed music and a dozen other costs. Thanks to you guys we have completed six stories so far, we're busy with the seventh right now, and New Century will continue beyond that.

At the $10 level you will have access to the complete eBooks and audiobooks. 

Let Them Go: A Gothic survival thriller, this book is currently being created as the new entry point for the series, starting the saga off at ground zero. 

Secret Rooms
: A road trip that becomes a supernatural detective mystery with a group of new recruits to the government's scouts sent out to explore and reunify America.

The Cartographer's Handbook: Set in 1883 America in a divergent timeline, this is an anthology of personal accounts telling how humanity began to pull itself back from the brink of extinction after a plague that reduces much of the population to a savage, feral state.

Arlington: As these events are going on, back in Washington the pressure is mounting. President Grant's health is giving out and a replacement must be found during the run-up to the first official election in over a decade. Things are going to get nasty and the director of the National Intelligence Agency, along with his family become deeply involved in the political intrigue.

Tiger's Eye: Meanwhile on another alternate Earth populated by intelligent, evolved jungle cats a human child is found by a female hunter who sets herself the task of a dangerous journey into unknown territory to return the boy to his home.

The Princess Thieves: Set in London during the same period, The Princess Thieves is a swashbuckling adventure that blends Robin Hood with Arthurian Legend, on a background of Victorian fantasy satire. 

The Christmas Thieves: The yuletide before the events of the Princess Thieves sees the wizard Merlene attempt a daring Christmas Carol style psychological heist on the cruel Captain of the Watch.

SteamHeart: The heroes of Secret Rooms, Tiger's Eye and Arlington must join forces. A possible hope has been found to give America a fighting chance, but it is going to require a determined team to embark on an odyssey across the Eastern states and into darkest Mississippi. Along the way their resolve will be tested to the limits with difficult choices to be made. This is a journey that not everyone will be coming back from.

And that's just Phase One.

As for myself, the more this Patreon brings in, the less freelance work I have to seek out in order to make ends meet and the more high quality content I can devote my working week to.

$1,089.79 of $1,500 per month
The videos take a lot of hours to put together while juggling the podcast, the writing of the book and the audio drama. If we hit this level it will be worth all of the stress that this additional workload brings. 

Additionally I would also then have more of a music budget and would be able to purchase from a wider selection of artists for more frequent professional-level music in New Century. 

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