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About Alexander Wales

What are you writing?
Currently, a web serial called This Used to be About Dungeons, which will start in a few weeks as of the time of this writing. It's a fluffy, light-hearted slice-of-life thing about a group of friends who occasionally delve dungeons together. Hopefully I'll remember to include a link and update this when it goes live.

What have you written?
The big one is a web serial called Worth the Candle, which just finished at the time of this writing, aside from a few epilogue chapters and other work. It's 1.6 million words over four years, which puts me in a fairly exclusive club of people who have completed projects that long. I wrote Shadows of the Limelight in 2015 (complete), and Glimwarden in 2016 (incomplete, on indefinite hiatus), along with a handful of shorter works and/or fanfiction (The Metropolitan Man being the most well-known). You can find most of my fanfic works here, plus all the works written under the cthulhuraejepsen pseudonym here, which isn't quite inclusive of everything, but should be close enough. Thanks for reading!

I also co-host the podcast Rationally Writing with Daystar Eld, which is a podcast about writing and fiction with a particular focus on the element of thought.

So what's this story you're writing about?
This Used to be About Dungeons is a fairly simple story about five people who are part of a party that goes into dungeons every so often. After finishing Worth the Candle, I was in need of a palate cleanser, something that was written to be fairly light and clean, and I'm hoping this serves that function. As for what it's about, it's the kind of story that takes its time with evening meals, practicing magic, collecting colored rocks, hunting in the woods, and generally being a nice, pleasant pastoral, if not without a bumps in the road. Alfric is the meticulous fighter, Verity is the group's reserved bard, Mizuki is the wild sorcerer, Hannah is a cleric of Garos (god of Symmetry), and Isra is the skittish ranger. Of course, I have plans for all these people, and how they'll grow and change in response to one another.

What's the schedule going to be like?
Since I haven't started writing it properly, only doing test chapters and some initial probing, I don't know what kind of speed I'll be able to maintain, which is going to determine schedule. My hope is at least one somewhat substantial chapter a week, though I also like the idea of two shorter chapters a week. A lot of it is going to depend on what I see from discussion, which I think is the lifeblood of a web serial. Four chapters a month seems like a good number, and my overall stats for four years of Worth the Candle were 1,100 words per day, or about 33K words a month. That would mean a target of 8K words per chapter. In theory, I should be able to write something like this at a faster pace, which is part of why I picked it, so I suppose we'll see.

When does it end?
I don't know. It depends on how long I keep having fun, and how popular it gets, with the former being a bit more important to me than the latter. I'm planning to package chunks of the story into 200K e-books which will go onto Kindle Unlimited, so at least 200K to make a single book. In theory, that's six months of writing. Hopefully I can resolve some character conflicts and arcs in that time to make it a more "complete" book.

What sorts of perks are there?
Patrons at the $1 (minimum) level get access to DRM-free hard copies of most of what I've written in epub, mobi, and PDF formats. Currently, this means that you'll get the completed serial Shadows of the Limelight, the novella The Case of the Sleeping Beauties, and all chapters of Glimwarden that are available. When the e-book of Worth the Candle is done, I'll have to figure out what makes financial sense as far as having it as a reward.

At $5, you get access to chapters of This Used to be About Dungeons two days early. I have a Discord, which I'm on at night, and will be stopping in to visit whenever I'm writing, or when I have a break during the day. The Discord is open to all, but the Early Bird channel will be restricted to people at (or above) that tier. I'm hoping that doing it this way doesn't kill discussion or divide the readership, which I think is somewhat toxic to growth, but we'll see.

Goals are mostly for things that I think I can produce with relative speed, or failing that, at least without impacting the main writing project. Previous goals for Worth the Candle included The Council of Arches, a side-story, and A Brief Description of Aerb, a worldbuilding document, both of which are worth reading (in my opinion). I don't have goals for This Used to be About Dungeons yet.

What if I don't like Patreon or just want to donate a lump sum?
You can use PayPal here. And thanks!
$1,709.07 - reached! per month
If I reach $1709.07, I'll write something else in the vein of the Council of Arches side story, a narrative that centers around people playing a tabletop game, though the exact topic is TBD, as there are several options that I find interesting. It's likely that I'll do a poll on Patreon or Discord (or both). Council of Arches ended up being a little long, but I was quite happy with it as a comfy little diversion.

(If you're wondering about the weird number, that's the point at which I will have hit a long-time personal goal of mine, which is to make more through Patreon than I would make working full-time at the state minimum wage.)
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