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About Alexander Wales

What are you writing?
Currently, a web serial called Worth the Candle, under the cthulhuraejepsen pseudonym.

What have you written?
I wrote Shadows of the Limelight in 2015 (complete), and Glimwarden in 2016 (incomplete, on indefinite hiatus), along with a handful of shorter works and/or fanfiction (The Metropolitan Man being the most well-known). You can find most of my fanfic works here, plus all the works written under the cthulhuraejepsen pseudonym here, which isn't quite inclusive of everything, but should be close enough. Thanks for reading!

I also co-host the podcast Rationally Writing with Daystar Eld, which is a podcast about writing and fiction with a particular focus on the element of thought.

So what's this story you're writing about?
Worth the Candle is about Juniper Smith, a teenage boy from Kansas who gets sucked into another world that closely resembles the ones that he made as a Dungeon Master for his friends. Part of the entertainment of reading it is in the exploration, so I won't say too much more, but in contrast to what's typical to the genre, there's not all that much in the way of power fantasy, and there's quite a lot of backstory for Juniper, which happens within the text largely as flashbacks to D&D gaming sessions (which I've been told are one of the highlights). Mixed in with the personal stuff are princesses, elves, and zombies.

What's the schedule going to be like?
Worth the Candle has no set schedule, which has been working so well for me that I really don't want to mess with it. Chapters are of variable length, so far between 3,000 and 11,000 words, and I usually wait until I have enough material that I'm not ending on a horrible cliffhanger, but that's not always how the mood strikes me, or what I think is best for the story and/or reading experience. Chapters will be typically be posted with many a time at a time. In terms of words per day, my typical goal is 1,000 a day, though I'll usually attempt to go higher if I can, and my personal long-term ceiling, if firing on all cylinders, is 3,000 per day. That said, I also think word count is a bad metric, it's just one that's easy to measure, and if things aren't working, I'm perfectly willing to throw things away. At the time of this writing, the all-time average is 1268 words per day over the past 1022 days.

When does it end?
I don't know. Back at 100K words, I though it would end at 600K or 800K. At 400K, I thought maybe a million words at the high end. The work is now sitting at nearly 1.3 million, and at the time of this writing, on its ninth book. I would say that the end is in sight, but how in sight is a matter of speculation, and would require spoilers on my part.

What sorts of perks are there?
Patrons at the $1 (minimum) level get access to DRM-free hard copies of most of what I've written in epub, mobi, and PDF formats. Currently, this means that you'll get the completed serial Shadows of the Limelight, the novella The Case of the Sleeping Beauties, and all chapters of Glimwarden that are available. Worth the Candle is hosted on Archive of Our Own, which means that you just need to click the "Download" button in the upper-right corner to get it in a format of your choice, though be warned that the character sheet portions don't come out quite right (these are a minority of the story, I'm still planning to fix that, but it's a pain and will probably wait until I have writer's block).

At $5, you get access to chapters of Worth the Candle a day early. I have a Discord, which I'm on at night, and will be stopping in to visit whenever I'm writing, or when I have a break during the day. The Discord is open to all, but the Early Bird channel will be restricted to people at (or above) that tier.

Goals are mostly for things that I think I can produce with relative speed, or failing that, at least without impacting the main writing project. Previous goals included The Council of Arches, a side-story, and A Brief Description of Aerb, a worldbuilding document, both of which are worth reading (in my opinion).

Why a pseudonym?
I've been using the Alexander Wales pseudonym since I was in ninth grade, enough that the pseudonym is as much "me" as my real name. When you comment a lot online, and write a fair amount, and moderate a few places, that pseudonym starts to carry both weight and baggage. People read the things that you've written in the context of the other things that you've written, and bring in their preconceptions of whatever this new thing is going to be.

The cthulhuraejepsen pseudonym was created so that I could participate in the every-other-week /r/rational challenges and not have an unfair advantage because I run them (with rewards to myself going back into the pot, rather than given to an alt). After I'd gone through the work of setting up all the accounts for it, it became a pseudonym where I could put stuff that I thought of as being B-roll writing. I'd originally intended Worth the Candle as a thing that was going to be just for me, a weird and personal story that played exactly to my tastes and interests, but I think I overestimated how much the premise would turn people away, and instead of a dozen readers, it probably has a few thousand. (Thanks!)

Eventually, I found myself saying "no, don't give me money" one too many times, and given that money can be exchanged for goods and services, that started to seem kind of stupid. Back when I started this, I thought that I would shoot for getting it professionally published, but after the first two "books" it became clear that the structure wasn't really amenable to that, and it had grown way beyond the original designs.

What if I don't like Patreon or just want to donate a lump sum?
You can use PayPal here. And thanks!
$1,458.04 of $1,500 per month
If I reach $1500 a month, a complete list of exclusions will be written and released. Following the worldbuilding doc being released, this was one of the most requested things that there wasn't room/time for. There are roughly sixty exclusion zones in Worth the Candle, each of which would get three to five paragraphs going over their location, salient features, the excluded magic/effect, and whatever else I think is neat about them.
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