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Hello mystery reader!
It’s me, Alexandra Amor. In case we haven’t met yet, you might want to know that I write mystery novels about love, friendship and the search for truth. And you, I suspect, like to read mystery novels just like that.

Amazing! We’re a match made in heaven!

Given that you’re here means you’ve thought about how much time, effort, and energy it takes for authors to write their books for you. Thank you for that.

I’m the author of an award-winning memoir about ten years I spent in a cult in the 1990s (yes, really), a podcaster, a mystery writer, and a lover of long walks in the trees or on one of the beaches near my island home.

When I’m not watching Jennifer Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show on Instagram, you’ll find me working on the next book in my Freddie Lark mystery series.

Here’s the scoop: Being an author is not easy. It’s not digging-coal-in-a-mine difficult but it involves a lot less lying around eating bon-bons than you might imagine. The majority of authors, including yours truly, have full-time jobs and write around the edges of that. We write before the sun comes up, or late at night when the creatures we might share a home with are asleep. We write with our thumbs on our phones on the bus or train that takes us to our job. We write on lunch breaks in stairwells or empty conference rooms or cars.

I’m an independent author, which means I write, publish and market my books. I happily and joyfully wear all three of those hats in exchange for the creative freedom that being independent brings.

My life-long dream is to be a full-time author. It’s the only professional goal I’ve ever had and now, as a middle-aged woman with a resume as neglected as those old photo albums you’ve been meaning to digitize, it’s pretty much the only thing I’m qualified for. And, like every other human, I’ve got taxes to pay and dental work to finance.

Your support on Patreon means that you’ll be helping me to have the time to write during more hours of the day, and therefore create more stories and books and share them with you (and the rest of the world).

The math looks like this: a small monthly patronage amount from you, multiplied by many other mystery lovers ads up to a lot of creative freedom for this artist.

Mystery stories.

As one of my patrons, you’ll receive more fiction from me, in either digital or physical form, depending on the tier you choose. Each month, all patrons, at every tier, receive an exclusive, previously unreleased short story from me.

By supporting this Patreon you’ll be increasing the amount of time I can write each day/week/month and enabling me to create more books and stories for you and other readers just like you.

I call that a win-win. ;-)
Alexandra xoxo

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