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Alexandra shares stories about the films she's acted in ~ like TITANIC, the films she's made ~ like WIDOW'S WALK and the films she loves ~ like OUT OF AFRICA.... She will discuss topics like getting training as an actor or breaking into the film industry; creating a successful crowdfunding campaign or pugs! 

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About Alexandra Boyd

Actress, writer and director Alexandra Boyd shares her adventures and life lessons in Film Acting, Film Making and Film Reviews.
"I've been an actress for 30+ years and worked in film, TV and theatre. I'm based in London but I spent 10 years living and working in Los Angeles. My credits include James Cameron's Titanic, Mr Holland's Opus, From Paris With Love and the UK's top primetime soap opera Coronation Street.

I've started this page to share some of the war stories from my filmmaking trenches and some of the highlights of my career so far and some film and TV reviews. In 2011 I was asked to direct a short film and that was it. I was bitten by the directing bug. I write too and produce the films I make because it's important to be part of the whole and basically luv, no-one cares as much about your project as you do. Ever. So it's best to get going yourself.

I've directed a number of shorts. Which you can watch on my VIMEO page. This short screened at 15 international film festivals and got a few nice nominations for Best Short and Best Cinematography and stuff...
BOXER ON THE WILDERNESS from Alexandra Boyd on Vimeo.

WIDOW'S WALK is my debut feature. It is a ghost story set in my native Suffolk. I wrote and directed it and after a very long five-year road, it is in the final stages of post production. It stars Miranda Raison (Spooks) David Caves (Silent Witness) and the incredible 85 year old BAFTA winning Virginia McKenna (Born Free).

I've created three crowdfunding campaigns. One was a complete bust and the other two were hugely successful (like this one for the underwater sequence in Widow' Walk) so I can give tips on how to create a campaign and what you have to do to make your goals so that you can raise the money you need for your projects.

I love talking about the films I've seen and at one time I wrote some film reviews like this one for ARRIVAL but I've found I enjoy talking about them too and Patreon seems to be the perfect platform. I'll not be ignoring high end TV either. I just LOVE shows like Peak Blinders, The Affair and Killing Eve so I'll be weighing in on those too!

Please ask me lots of questions. We can have a debate about this actor or that director. It is much more fun when it's interactive and I want you to be part of this too.

Oh and every so often I will talk about pugs! I've loved them since I was a little girl and now have a little old lady pug called Tia. You will hear her snorting in the background of my videos sometimes, so I may as well introduce her and share some Puggy Love.

Please subscribe and browse some of these little films and let me know what you think. I'll respond to your feedback because I sincerely want to create a vlog that you want to watch."
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When I reach $500 a month I'll record a podcast with one lucky patron every month. We can chat about films you've seen or maybe you'd like to promote your film? And you can pick my brains on what I've done to overcome some similar challenges to yours...
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