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You can spare a cup of coffee per month? Thank you!! In a show of my appreciation, you'll get digital copies of my serial novels, THE OATH KEEPER and PALADIN'S WAY. THE OATH KEEPER is a female-centric epic fantasy series, and PALADIN'S WAY is my venture into litrpg. These will be made available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats, and will be updated weekly with the newly-released chapters. You'll also get to see twice-monthly excerpts of works-in-progress. (Excerpts will be up to a page long, or 250 words.) 

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About Alexandra Little


I’m Alexandra Little, and I need a little bit of a break.
I’m an author of young adult/new adult fantasy novels. I’ve published three novels through self-publishing, and I have four (!) more planned for 2019. For 2020, I have about 12 planned.


It’s sounds like I’m productive, right? The problem is two-fold: I live in Los Angeles, and I have a day job.

Los Angeles is wonderful. It really is. But it’s expensive. I’m not talking celebrities and nightlife expensive; I’m talking basic apartment and commuter gas expensive. It is difficult to live without a roommate or two, or relying on your family to cut you a break (I do the latter).
Which brings us to the day job. I like my day job, and I like my coworkers. But it doesn’t leave much room to invest in my small business venture: my writing.


I just want some room to breathe. This can take the shape of a lot of things: paying for a social media manager so I can spend more time writing. Paying someone else to do covers so I can spend more time writing. Hiring the recommended editor so I don’t have to shop around and, you guessed it, spend more time writing. And maybe, just maybe, I can ease off relying on my family, which will ease stress levels and allow me to spend—say it with me—more time writing.
Overall, with a little breathing room, I can increase my writing output, regulate my writing output, and keep fans like you happy and entertained.


As a patron, you’ll get:

Early access to cover reveals

Early excerpts from upcoming or in-progress novels

Free eBook copies

Free paperback copies

Pending enough interest, blogs and videos on self-publishing and what it takes to get a book out there


I know me. I’m stubborn. Excepting death, I will get my books written and out there. But with a little help from my patrons, they’ll be just a little bit better.
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When I reach $1,000 per month, I will host a live Youtube chat for all Patrons!
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