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is creating YouTube viddies & cosplay tooootz
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About Alexa Poletti

Hey babeeez! I’m Alexa Poletti & I am obsessed with fashion, wigs, cosplay, and a kawaii as flufffff aesthetic. My YouTube channel is my happy place. It is full of videos about all of these things that I love. And the best part??? Our lil weirdo internet family that came from that channel and expanded to my other social media and has infiltrated my life alllllll the way to the core of my heart. I love you babes so much lol fr fr. You’re perfect and ily!

I am making this Patreon to try to help stabilize my income & take on bigger projects! You know how YouTube is.... you know. Your pledge will go towards all things YouTube, from updating video/audio/lighting equipment tooooooo buying cosplay supplies (that ish is expensive!) tooooooo getting the most rando pink fluffy sweaters you want me to review/try on/style. This is a place where people who want to pledge can, but of course, pleeeease don’t feel obligated! I love ya sm just the same!!

ps. ur cute ily

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