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Get ready to receive, directly to you from me, your own private link to download an “Alex Band Original Creation” that I personally GUARANTEE to be one of the following:

- A New Original Song!
Handpicked from my huge collection of unreleased, professional studio recordings5 years in the making!
-A Cover Song!
A fresh new recording and/or live performance of one of my favorite songs to cover OR maybe I’ll do a cover requested by you!
A Past Song Re-recorded!
A beautiful, completely “broken down and orchestral-like” acoustic version of one of my past hits or possibly even one of your favorites off of any album I’ve ever released!
-Behind The Scenes Video Footage!
Get a sneak peak at the making of the album.
-Access To A Private Live-Stream Acoustic Performance!
I'll be holding awesome acoustic concerts and Q&A’s, exclusively for all my Patreon members!


About Alex Band


     I want to start off by thanking each and every one of you who have stood by my side during the past 15 years that I've been blessed to successfully continue making a living as a professional singer, songwriter, and performer in what has become quite a challenging business… taking us all, both artists and music fans alike, on a wild, confusing roller coaster ride that’s led us to right here and now; a new, strange, yet VERY exciting time.
     These days no one really knows what’s next… yes, it’s still a business per say, and can be “old-school-mega-millions” lucrative for a select few artists/bands around the world, but what about the “me’s?” The artist’s that had amazing success in the 2000’s, with songs still relevant in today’s world but have gotten lost in the whole record-business-rebuilding-blizzard?
And where has all this left the “you’s” of the world?! How do the music lovers and dedicated fans get, or even find, “the me’s” newest, most awesome songs, music videos, live concerts and behind the scenes shenanigans, etc?!?!
     ‘Cause you should know that I never stopped doing what I do... even though I was legally stuck in multiple label deals or forced to spend the lion’s share of my money, year after year, to fight for my music, I’m still standing!
     I’m here with SO MANY of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever created; all professionally recorded and produced, and owned by ME.  For the 1st time in my career, I get to share what I want to, how I want to, and as often as I want to! And what a better place to do just that and get things started than RIGHT HERE on Patreon!
     I NEED your help to be able to share my soul in song, just like I have always done; with someone other than my family (and cats) to listen to all the amazing new music I’ve created, to return to the stage and keep touring the world, to see each and every one of your faces again…and maybe some new ones, in new places, that I’ve never been!
     So let’s get the show on the road! Pledge your support and I promise you will never let you regret it! The sky’s not the limit… there is no limit anymore! So let’s see what we can do together!

                                                                     All the love…

                                                                                Alex Band

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