Alexandru Nedelcu

is creating Monix, the Scala library for composing async programs




I'm the original author of Monix, a Scala and FP library for composing asynchronous programs. I'm also a major contributor to Cats-Effect and the Typelevel ecosystem.

My goal with Patreon are modest, to cover operational expenses with Monix:

  • domain name costs currently $34.88 per year
  • hosting costs, currently $72 per year, cheapest instance at DigitalOcean
  • I also have a Buffer account, a GitHub Pro account, a personal IntelliJ IDEA license and a Vimeo account — services and tools which help me develop and promote my OSS work

It's not expensive, but I have services, several domain names and projects I maintain and it adds up. Given this is a labor of love, entirely on my free time, it would be great to not have to pay out of my pocket.

Not sure how well this Patreon thing will go, but if it does I intend to:

  • support Typelevel speakers with supplies of Monix stickers 🙂
  • invest in an Intel Vtune license, or other tools that would help in optimizing Monix and Cats-Effect
We released Monix 3.0.0 on Sep 11, 2019, now working on future enhancements and I'm looking forward to having some more fun and supporting my fellow maintainers and contributors from the Typelevel community, also being involved in the development of the upcoming Cats-Effect 3.0.0.

Any help is appreciated.

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