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  • For every dollar I receive, I will dab/shuffle/shake my PHAT booty on stream. Thats just the kinda guy I am... 
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  • Elite Legend Status amongst our community 

  • We are a crew of elite legends who live their lives with positivity and enthusiasm. As full time legends we all support each other and thats something to be super proud of. 

  • Get the bragging rights to my success today by helping me entertain you full time, support me here and I will support you with comedy/average gaming streams. 

  • I will thank you personally with a short video welcoming you to our gang, not like a dangerous street gang, just a normal group of Elite legends, maybe one day we will fight crime like the avengers, who knows. 

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  • Elite Legend status (Obviously) 

  • Everything from tier 1

  • Access to my Patreon wall, here you can interact directly with me, I will discuss comedy ideas, new videos, take polls, make announcements and let you know what I'm up too. You'll also get to see my videos and streams first! 

  • Entry into a monthly giveaway, crazy prizes I choose each month to thank you for your support!



About Alex Hobern

A comedian, creator and streamer.

Here to bring some light into everyones live through weird, wacky and creative videos/streams. I'm incredibly grateful to get to say my job is my passion, entertaining and enjoying playing games.

Together lets build an amazing community, and I’m establishing a Patreon page to expand my relationship with my fans, and the content I produce.

This is a community for Elite Legends only, do you have what it takes? ;)
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When I reach this amount, I will hire an editor to help me give you 3 comedy videos and 3 streams a week ! More content for everyone ! Yay !
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post