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Thank you for your support so much, dear!

It's a great way to encourage me for the work I'm doing for you ♡ 

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About Alexia Muller

Hello Kitten! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Welcome to my Patreon page and thank you for visiting♥
Hope you will like your stay!

My name is Alexia Muller. A crazy geek and passionate gamer who loves to travel, learn new things and make beautiful photos!
I make manga, anime, games, comics, movies and cartoons cosplay, original characters, boudoir and fetish photography.
Here you will find backstages, WIPs, step by steps, selfies, gifs and short videos, polls, blogs and random chats and exclusive photos. You will also be the first and only one to see all my cosplay photos!♥

✧Did you know? Most of the photos posted here will never leave Patreon!
I post here FULL photosets 2 weeks/months before I will post a few photos of them somewhere else. I almost never post full photosets anywhere else, normally I post from 3 to 6 photos on other resources like Instagram (you can check my IG to understand what I mean).

Right now there are only professional photography photosets that are of great quality but really hard to make and long to wait. Now I am looking for a photographer that I can work closely together with. I am also planning to start making additional photos by my mobile camera. Hope you will like this kind of content too!

✧Fetish content✧ It is time to try something new! I got a lot of fetishes that I would love to share with my supporters♥ I'm new in this so please be gentle to me ^_^

ヽ(♥‿♥)ノ I am deeply grateful for your support no matter big or small!
Pay up front!
Please notice that you will be charged when pledging and your patronage will work on the month you pledge. Please be careful with pledging at the end of the month!

P.S: You won't find any nudes/porn content here, sorry! ^_^ 

You can visit me on stream
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I'l make a cosplay of Raphtalia from Shield Hero! <3 <3 <3
Ofcourse will share all process and photos with you!
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