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You stalk the fringes of the world, alone, lending your aid to those who need it most: the weak, the innocent, the fantasy porn artists.
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For those with a light touch, nothing is beyond reach--influence, riches, and downloadable high-resolution .zip folders of each chapter of I Roved Out as they go up.
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I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love is a warmly pornographic fantasy saga about a lazy elf trying to avoid an epic quest everyone wants to send her on. The story revolves around Cinderella, an extremely friendly, happily-drifting adventurer, and her best friend Maeryll, a semi-retired assassin with refined tastes.

The comic updates in chunks once or twice a month and currently has over 500 pages, all free to read on the site. You can buy the physical edition of the first Tome here (it's a big, beautiful, full colour hardcover).

My barest goal with this project was to create a porno where sex drove the story and vice versa. Because sex is basically ridiculous, the work fairly drips with humour, but it's sincere, and friendly, with lots of diverse characters who are just trying to get on in a vast, mysterious world. By way of comparison, I Roved Out sits in the middle of the road between Oglaf and Dark Souls.

The entirety of I Roved Out is free to read online, but there is a small suite of reward tiers exclusive to this Patreon like high-resolution pages and a monthly Sticker Club. I post several times a month but also try not to spam this page, so for all the latest news follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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I will build a terrible interstellar cannon and shoot myself into the sun as part of an elaborate performance piece against disaster capitalism. SFW.
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