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I am an ethical hacker, for almost 7 years.
My passion is to teach the secrets in hands-on ethical hacking to people for them to:
  • Get a job in cyber security and be the best in it, theoretically and practically
  • Be aware on how to secure themselves in such attacks
  • And of course, to share the fun and adventure with those hacking techniques! :)
Get an exclusive membership here and I'll guide you to be the next hacker ninja!
Know more about me here:  

Here are the possible topics in the videos I will upload twice/thrice a month:
  1. Ninja Initiation
  2. Hacker Machine
  3. Linux Survival and Bash Scripting
  4. Python Programming for Hackers
  5. Computer Networks for Hackers
  6. Web Fundamentals for Hackers
  7. Enumeration
  8. Hacking Boot-to-Root Machines
  9. Basic Hacking of Unix-based machines
  10. Basic Hacking of Windows machines
  11. Using of Public Exploits
  12. Manual Exploitation
  13. Privilege Escalation via Kernel Exploitation
  14. Privilege Escalation via SUID Executables
  15. Privilege Escalation via Badly Configured Cron Jobs
  16. Taking Advantage of Misconfigurations
  17. Privilege Escalation via Database
  18. Password Cracking and Brute Force Attack
  19. Buffer Overflow Exploitation
  20. Creating your Own Exploits
  21. SQL Injection Attack
  22. Cross-Site Scripting Attack
  23. Remote/Local File Inclusion
  24. XML Entity Injection Attack
  25. Server Side Template Injection
  26. Cross-Site Request Forgery
  27. Server-Side Request Forgery
  28. JWT Exploitation
  29. Mobile Device and Application Exploitation
  30. Exploiting Windows Active Directory
  31. Privilege Escalation in Windows 
  32. And of course, CHALLENGES in each videos!
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When I reach 200 patrons, I'll start to tackle advanced-level hacking techniques.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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