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For a dollar a week you get:

-to read Sire early! We're currently five pages ahead of the webtoons site. And, having paid, you will also be one of the few who reserves the right to scoff at my work when I kill off your favorite characters. You can sit there, sipping your fine wines and tonics, muttering, "I didn't sign up for this,"

-early looks at my itchio games, including design discussions, and lots of the scribbly art I do while I work things out,

-early looks at other comics,

-general art updates, some of which have character seeecrets,

-and a mini-commission! I'll draw a quick digital sketch for you. In the past, these have been primarily waist-high sketches. Let me know what character you want (even if it's not one of mine), and I'll make something just for you.

Five Dollars every Week

per week of updates
Wow, this is some dedication, right here. You get:

-All of the $1 goodies,
-Also, you're getting put on Lineage Haven's Christmas card list (which you will actually receive in the mail).
-Also, once a year, I'll send you some merch for your troubles, and the haul will get better as the comics grow bigger. We'll start with keychains, then work our way to posters and more.

Ten Dollars a Week

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Whoo. You're essentially paying for my internet by doing this. It's $50 a month. You've literally bought me an internet. So...

-First off, you're getting everything from the other level pledges. No question.
-And I'll make it better. Your sketch for signing up? BAM. Traditionally inked, and with a second character in there. I'll mail you the hard copy.
-And your next annual merch haul will include a signed copy of the Sire graphic novel, if you don't already have one. If you do, we'll chat about additional arts.




per week of updates

About Alexis Royce

I'm Alexis Royce, and I make things for you to enjoy!

Currently, I'm working on Sire, a comic where descendants from Gothic horror stories try to outsmart literary conventions, solve mysteries, and stave off grisly fates. It touches upon works like The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes, and many, many others. We're in the middle of Chapter Sixteen, and patrons get to read a month ahead of everyone else! It updates every Wednesday on webtoons. So please take a peek here if you think the world could use a bit more of those pages.

That's not my only project, though! I also spent thirteen years working on the mad scientist comedy Evil Plan, which wrapped up in January 2020. You can read it over here.

I also make visual novels, which you can play for free over here. Please be aware that they contain some violence and sexual themes, and are not appropriate to play at work.

I'm always at work on something new, and my Patrons have been supporting me since 2014! Please consider joining us and lending your support.

Commission Information:
Send me an email: [email protected]
$49.49 of $75 per week of updates

At seventy-five dollars a week, I’ll be able to purchase a better hosting package for Sire. Considering taxes and the cost of living, it’s not enough for me to permanently change my work schedule, but I do want to say thank you. So I'll redesign the website to hold pages that are 850 pixels wide, instead of their current width of 700. Then I'll go back and reupload everything at the larger size. It gives me a little more space in which to work, and it makes pages slightly easier to read. It's the size at which I upload Evil Plan pages, so you can use them as a reference point.

Also, for one month, Sire will update twice a week. Since you donate based on time, not updates, you won’t be charged any extra during these months. The only thing that will increase is the amount of sweet comic pages and plot.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 290 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 290 exclusive posts

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