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About Alex Steacy

I'm Alex, and I am a professional internet idiot.
You may know me from my work with Loading Ready Run and Desert Bus, but did you know that I'm also an artist? It's true! This patreon is a means for fans to support my digital and traditional illustration work, which I would like to grow from side project to main focus. Here's what you can help me make:

I post nearly everything I do to I hope you like robots and wierdness because I sure do! There will be many more paintings, sketches, original characters, and short comics.
Purifier (drama) Alternate timeline 1930s London is struck with plague
Presence (drama) Speculative sci-fi set in Pripyat, within the Chernobyl exclusion zone
Gone fishin' (slice of life) What will the day's cast bring?
Dregs (comedy) Nudist gives sewer workers a hard time (complete)
Knell (various) Tales of the grim reaper

Other Projects
Pending on the success of the Patreon, other projects will be announced and appear as funding goals. This could range from more ambitious digital paintings and comics to branching out into podcasting and non-streaming video content. Stay tuned!
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Much of what I do artistically happens when I can find the time. At this level, your generosity will better allow me to make that time. More artwork, more comics, and a more stable schedule.

Thank you.
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