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About Alexander Veitch

My name's Alex Veitch. I'm 27, living in Bristol, UK and I'm a jazz pianist.

I've been playing the piano since I was 3, jazz since I was 10, did grade 8 when I was 13. I studied at the Guildhall School and have since secured residencies at Ronnie Scott’s and played at other venues including The Vortex, Cafe Oto, and Pizza Express Soho. I play around Bristol at venues including The Canteen, The Gallimaufry, The Fringe and The Leftbank, and The Greenbank.

I'm starting a patreon page because this year I have a project: in all the years gone by I've been composing for and performing with various groups; hustling gigs and recording small budge demos and videos every now and then. This year, I would like to really bring to life the projects that I currently run, and put to record some of the rarely heard but extensive catalogue of songs, solos and compositions that I've practiced and performed with so many incredible musicians over the last few years.

Now that I've lived in Bristol for a year and half I feel happy + settled + in a position where I know of all the resources that can help: studios to record in, musicians to play with; video people, supporters, and friends.

All of the money donated will go toward the recording cost of each month's project. Weather that be equipment costs, studio time, mixing, paying musicians and videographers.. I'll provide a detailed breakdown each month of where exactly it was all spent

Every day I go practice in the studio, write songs, meet new musicians, organise/play gigs. I've never quite taken the step to invest time and take pleasure in recording the things I've been doing. I'm excited to do that this year, and shall be incredibly grateful to those who are generous enough to support me along the way