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About AlgaTalk Podcast

Hey there! It's Jack and Ivan, the hosts of AlgaTalk Podcast and we are glad you are here!

What is AlgaTalk and who are we?

We are Jack Lunz and Ivan Pilov, two friends and colleagues who are working in the algae farming industry. One day we were talking about how algae are fascinating and amazing and that more people should know about that. This is how the idea of a podcast came up and here we are. AlgaTalk is a podcast where we share our interest, passion and knowledge about algae.

Why Patreon page?

We produce AlgaTalk in our free time while also working full-time jobs, and we find great joy in preparing, interviewing specialists, recording and editing. As the show grows we find ourselves spending more time making each episode, and combined with some new ideas for the podcast, listeners' support becomes important like never before. We also believe that AlgaTalk must remain free for everyone and without ads.

What's the format?

Usually, a new episode comes out every two weeks, and each episode is about 30 minutes long. There might be some exceptions in both release windows and length, and we usually post updates about the changes on our social media channels.

What are the tiers and what's in them?

Right now we prefer to keep it simple and offer two tiers of support. We see our Patreon page as a way for our listeners to show their support and motivate us to keep going. As the podcast audience grows, we might add more tiers and even rewards. For now, every backer gets access to our Patreon feed, where we publish episodes and maybe will post some extra material in the future. Every backer also gets on our monthly newsletter list and will receive a very non-intrusive digest of news and articles from the world of algae that are worth knowing.
But the most important reward for everyone is our gratitude and a huge thank you for liking the show and helping it out!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
Audio release