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(Image from PURGATORY, not NETHERWORLD, yet.)

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Each ~2k words scene has 10-50k words of background material, most of it original. If there is a market for it, I'll post chunks - and let readers help me figure out the best clips.

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Lightly edited to remove what I had for lunch, etc.

Possibly useful for writers interested in the process part of writing (Where do you get your ideas from?). 

May contain a bit of swearing - has my honest opinions, written to myself. Typically 10-100 times longer than the scene.




I am writing the novel Pride's Children: NETHERWORLD, the second volume of an epic mainstream literary love story, 'a novel of obsession, betrayal, and love,' and only on this Patreon will post each finished and polished scene as quickly as I can, for those who've said they can't wait until it the novel is published as a whole.

The first chapter will be published here and available for free. Consider it my writing sample if you haven't yet read the first volume (see requirements of new patrons, below).

I can promise this - proof is that I serialized Pride's Children: PURGATORY, Book 1, producing one finished and polished scene every Tuesday without fail for two years, until publication. I can do this - because I have done this. [The trick is the cache of 40 finished scenes I'm starting with - to make sure patrons' reading experience is not interrupted. I'm posting two per month, only here, and will consider upping that as soon as I can. I would rather be writing; marketing is a time-eater.]

The moral support while I serialized was wonderful. It was a lot of work, and I didn't charge because I wasn't yet certain I could finish and publish a novel.

took every speck of available time and energy from when the idea was vouchsafed to me in 2000 to publication at the end of 2015.

I have spent every minute my brain was on in create mode since then on Book 2, NETHERWORLD. It will be finished as soon as I can possibly manage it, this year if I'm lucky, but not until 2019 if things go as well as usual (hey, it's still going to be three times faster - I had to learn to write for Book 1!). Book 3 may even be faster - the whole trilogy exists in the roughest possible draft already. The story is complete. I know what happens, just not exactly how.
New patrons:  IF you decide to join my 'tribe' and support me through the next year or so until the completion of NETHERWORLD, possibly to be followed by Book 3 in the same or a new Patreon project, I expect a few things from you first:

  • That you read the Look Inside on Amazon for Pride's Children: PURGATORY, Book 1 of the trilogy. [You'll have to do a little work to find it (cut/paste the title or my name).]
  • That you check out a few of the reviews with your mind wide open.
  • That you then purchase and read the entire book, in ebook or print (review optional but welcome).
  • That you decide you cannot wait until the middle book is published, and need to have each scene as soon as I can make it available.

Why? Because Pride's Children is a single story, in parts, and I can't summarize the 167k words of Book 1, and there will be no words wasted in Book 2 to bring anyone up to speed. Book 1 can be read in one sitting.
A very recent review on Amazon by D.R. Rose, beginning:
"How highly can I praise this book without looking like a sycophant?
And, why are we having to wait for the next part of the story???
summarizes the dilemma nicely.

I assume you want indie novels that compete with the finest mainstream literary novels, and have the story and language quality that implies, free entirely of the system of agents, editors, publishers, and distributors, and I encourage you to support those of us who are trying to produce exactly that.

If we do. Obviously, if I don't satisfy, you can quit any time.

It's not the money; and I don't need pity. It is the support that I crave. (Fame would be nice.)

But it must be about the writing. Or your generous support is misused.

IT HAS TO BE RIGHT. Every single detail is my personal purview, and has been and will continue to be done by me. My beta reader is awesome; I may have changed a dozen words in the 167K that is the first volume on her recommendation.

I am slow. Because of personal circumstances you may learn if you join.

It doesn't matter how long to me, because the only thing that does is whether the quality of the writing satisfies. I will not cut corners.

The reason I can do this at all as a novelist is a writing process that I don't know anyone else has. I plot with Dramatica, software designed for screenwriters based on a Theory which, as far as I'm concerned, is impenetrable magic. Both in what it draws out of me, and in how it lets me work on a tiny tile of the story, knowing that when it's fired it will fit perfectly into the mosaic that is the whole.

When I move on to the next scene, I rarely go back, and I never return to do the endless editing passes most writers are familiar with. The story has proceeded in this fashion, stepping stone to stepping stone, for over one hundred and thirty scenes, Book 1 and a quarter of Book 2.

Works for me.

Anyone who wants to may prefer to wait me out, and purchase NETHERWORLD when it is finished and published.

Or you can join this journey on Patreon and get each scene the instant it is finished and set into its chapter.

Welcome to the project of a serious working professional.


PS There is no video because I use only words in my work. [Okay, I also do my own covers and formatting and typography and other visual aspects.] But not yet video or audio - I’m slow enough as it is!

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Take the time to create a hardcopy version of Pride's Children: PURGATORY (Book 1 - but the template will serve for NETHERWORLD as soon as it's finished).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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