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About Alien Afterparty

Hello, welcome to my Patreon page. I am very glad to you!

This Patreon page made why lot of human and alien want an Alien Afterparty.
You can join the event here

Support the event up to $1/month.
Your pledge is a big help to get a nice party.
Thank you.

I opened the merchant store. Look at these stuff here.?

When the afterparty finished I donate X% of the profit this patreon page to The Ocean cleanup.

When we reach 1000 participants X = 20% ✔️
When we reach 10000 participants X = 30% ❌
When we reach 100000 participants X = 40% ❌
When we reach 1000000 participants X = 50% ❌

So invite your alien friends and human friends to the event and reach the goals.

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