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The magnificent Alien Duo is a meta-mix of software engineering and creative/art/design studio/startup. We're openly documenting the process in the form of a constantly updated Webcomics and Social Network presence.

We create games, prototypes, webapps, demos, stories, art and music to put smiles on humans and to express our own ideas.

If you like what we're doing here, please support us! We have many, many cool ideas that we want to implement and your support will make them become true! 👽👽❤️

Hello, Humans! 👋

Let us introduce ourselves. We're a couple of aliens 👽👽. We were space-time traveling engineers on our home planet. In other words, We spent our days teleporting stuff from one place to somewhere else.

Everything was just fine but . . . due to a system malfunction 😱 -- you humans call it a bug 🐞, that's cute -- we ended up teleported to this beautiful planet 🌎 of yours.

Although we're used to have eternal sunsets 🌅 on our planet, we fell in love 💚 with Earth. Maybe because here you don't have to worry about sun flares burning 🔥 your home overnight. A downside of planets tidally locked to their stars.

So we decided to stay here with you gals and guys 🎉 at least for a while! 
Oh, and there's also this small detail: current human science doesn't support teleportation yet 🤔, so we just can't go back for now.

No problem though, we're not in a hurry.

But, you know, we also need to pay the bills 🙀.

Good news is: as soon as we got here we discovered that computer code 💻 -- especially those written in Lisp 😋 -- is the closest thing to the technology we are familiar with on our planet!
Which means we can code 💻🐒, give back to humans to thanks for the hospitability 🙏 and get paid for that 💸! So let's hack!

So fast forward to today, we're bootstrapping 👢 our own code+creative studio ✊! You can also call it our own startup 🦄.

We are crazy about hacking code -- and drinking beer 🍺, cheers! -- and creating games, experiments and apps using exciting technologies like 🤖 Artificial Intelligence, 🌐 Web, 🎨 Generative Art and 🎵 Music.

We are going to share every step on this journey of running our studio with you, just follow us on Twitter 🐦 and feel free to interact with us there. We came in peace ✌️.

$0 of $2,500 per month
We'll become officially Half-Ramen Profitable!!! Which means one alien will be able to eat plenty of food and get meals every day!!!

We're 50% of our journey to become a totally independent studio!

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