is creating interactive poetry, streams, videos and games.
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About Alii

Heyo friendos! I'm Alii!
I make interactive poetry, dialogue games, interactive fiction, just story games with a lot of heart. The core and goal of my games are to leave you with something. I want you to take something away, to feel like you've discovered something about yourself or the world around you. I also stream and make youtube videos focused on story heavy games and talk about how games can change the world.

What Your Support Does
With your support I want to make so much more in-depth content. More content, better assets, custom music and sound effects. Everything and anything that will make the games a more enjoyable experience for you. I can also get better equipment for my streams and youtube videos, so you get better weekly content. Plus, I like to feed myself while doing it. 

Who Am I?
I'm Alii. I'm a full-time student studying for a comsci BS. I hope to get my masters in psychology after that. I'm a gamedev, streamer, youtuber, and overall just artist in different ways. What I want is to make content where people can explore themselves, and hopefully learn something new about themselves. I'm passionate about mental health and grew up around the games industry, so the two together is a perfect mesh of me. 

Together We're Better
I want to make great content for you to enjoy, and with your pledge I can do that! I hope to have a great friendship with my patreons so I can keep bringing you better and better content. All of the support I get means the world to me. 

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i can afford illustator so things look better lmao
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post