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About Alinhavo

Hi, we are Maté and Yumi, initiators of

Exclusive network for fashion professionals:

  • share and discover high quality and resolution editorials from industry's professionals,
  • post needs and opportunities to reach beyond your own network
  • connect and collaborate, see how are you connected with others
  • send messages to other professionals
  • it's FREE
  • no advertising

Platform for members, not for profits

The idea behind Alinhavo is to serve it's members. Unlike social networks that are financed with advertising and which's goal is to serve the most ads possible to it's users, our purpose is to provide service to our members in the best way we can

How are we planning to invest the funds

Running a network is a continuous effort, that can be divided into two main categories - technology development and community management. Our vision is to create a mobile app, with chats and notifications. While on community level we would like to 
  • coordinate interviews
  • discounts from brands
  • community events
  • discounts to industry related events for Alinhavo members
  • other - as suggested by the community itself

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