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I'll share real stories and honest stories and embarrassing stories and messy stories.  I'll ask some questions to get you thinking about your own stories, about how some of them have helped you, and about how some of them might be holding you back. I will always, always, always show up for you and with you. 

Best of all, you get all the good feels that come from supporting an awesome human doing awesome work.  And you can't even put a price on that.  Except in this case. Where the price is $1. 

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Yeah, I get it, 7 is supposed to be soooo cool. But my lucky number has always been 3, since I was 9 years old and realized that 3 x 3 = 9, and decided that MUST be somehow very special and important, right?

At this level, you'll will get access to some kick-ass content designed to help you work your way towards your happiest life. I'll  share blog post & writing prompts, fun photos, and the occasional video of me painting rocks or writing love notes to strangers. (Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people.)  

Anywhoo, for 3 little dollars a month, you get all the good feels, encouragement, and validation you could ask for... and you get to multiply that by 3. You don't have to be a math whiz to figure out that 3 times as many good feels is a damn bargain. 

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This level of support says to the world, "Yeah, I could have gotten by with the $3 level, but I'm kind of a baller, and I wanna be sure people know about it."  

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Hello! I'm Alisha Joy, and I'm so happy you're here. I rumble with and write about some pretty amazing and uncomfortable topics: shame, belonging, self-love, vulnerability, grief, jealousy (to name a few.) But the real thing I rumble with is happiness: how to create it, where to find it, and why we sometimes feel it's out of our reach. (Don't worry, it's NEVER out of our reach. Like, never ever.)

I've been known to have some pretty intense conversations with friends and also with complete strangers. I share openly and invite them to do so as well. Often, this means there are tears, and laughs, and a whole lot of hugs, sometimes all at the same time. I'm so entirely comfortable with this. I want to do as much of it as I can. 

Want to know how people are already interacting with my words and my work? Here's what some amazing humans have to say:

"Alisha is a light who inspires with her art. With zero strings attached, she creates positive ripples that lift people online and offline. I have been one of those people who needed to remember why I started. I love the good she does. The world needs more Alishas."
-Andy Proctor, Author and Happiness Activist

"Folks, Alisha Joy is indeed a JOY. She writes and creates on the daily in ways that are heartfelt and honest to herself, which is truly unique in our saturation of social media veneer. Exploring concepts as big as our purpose and as small as the joys of chasing chickens and making animal friends, Alisha has a deep appreciation for the human experience. Her artwork and creation and words are how she shares this appreciation, and I cannot wait to see what she continues to make."
-Megan Dowd, Writer, Designer, Problem solver

"You are such an amazing soul! Thank you for sharing such positivity and still maintaining a sense of reality. Have you written a self-love book yet? If so, I need to buy a copy!"
-Ashley Ping, Mother, Storyteller, Health Enthusiast

"Thanks for what you are doing, This year has been insane...but when I see your words and hear what you have to say, it keeps me going. It helps me remember that these bad times won't last forever and it's not the end of the's just a small part of life."
-Jay Spencer Shiplett, Student, 

"Your posts and stories give me life when my mental health is shit, so thank you."
-Julie C, Vegan, Recent College Grad, West Coast Transplant

"I absolutely go to your page every day to soak up the inspiration and happiness."
Max Butler, Clothing promoter, Uncle, Trans-Rights Activist

As a member of my Patreon community, you'll get first access to content I create specifically to help you dream, design, and build your happiest life. My videos and words are all geared towards helping you take a much closer look at the life you're living now and the life you want to create. I'm going to ask some hard questions and ask you to dig deep for your own honest answers. I'll share some personal challenges and victories, give you a sneak-peek at new projects, and respond to select questions/life challenges that you send in to me. Think of me as your new cheerleader, creative coach, and happiness architect.

I hope you'll join me as I continue to work on what matters most to me: helping others make connections and find worth. I can't think of a more meaningful way to spend my time, and I'm excited to have you along for the ride.  

If you'd like a look at what I've been up to so far, feel free to pop over to my Instagram @alishajoywrites

I can't wait to start building your happiest life with you!
$9 of $2,500 per month
$2500 of monthly support would provide the upfront funding for hosting local writing and mindfulness workshops (materials, location scouting and rental, advertising dollars, additional staff, etc.) 

I'm excited to start working towards creating safe and supportive environments for participants to connect, heal, and grow.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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