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About Alisher Abdulkhaev

I am giving online (interactive) lectures on:
  • Python Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence-1 (Basics: Maths & Machine Learning)
  • Artificial Intelligence-2 (Advanced: Deep Learning & Computer Vision)
These lectures are for students who want to dive into AI with Python and for graduate students who are planning to work at AI-related companies. Each group consists of a maximum of 6 people (to keep the lecture's quality as high as possible).
The only pre-request to attend the lectures is to have basic Maths knowledge as well as the eagerness to learn new concepts.

Please fill in the form to register our online lectures:
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The standard cost fee: 100$
After getting the application, there would be a short online Skype call, and after the call, there may be some discounts (up to 100%) according to applicants financial state.

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