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Nice to meet you in this virtual space.

I'm Alison Main, an independent journalist and a freelance nonfiction writer. I am also a creative director and a graphic designer. However, I can no longer wear both hats professionally. And I hereby choose my writing. Because, it’s important. Because, someone needs to write these stories.

What do I write?

In one sentence: I write about where we are today, how we got here, where we are going, and what that all means for life on earth and humanity.

More specifically: I explore some of the lesser known, but crucial challenges facing modern society, such as:

What does it mean to be human in the age of artificial intelligence?
What’s not so smart about our smart tech future?
What happens when the modern world makes you sick?
Why can’t we see the stars at night?
Can technology crush our concentration?

This writing matters.
In a digital world run amok with content marketers, sales schemers, and pseudo-experts, I write and publish real work, with real journalistic integrity and ethics. I take on the hard topics. I ask the right questions. I interview the real experts. I do the research, I get the science right, and I get the facts straight.

This writing is absolutely necessary.
Because… it is difficult. And inconvenient. And the unpopular opinion. Because, the mainstream media does not address these topics. Because the mainstream media has too many industrial conflicts of interest. That is why I continue to write as an independent journalist. 

This writing is important.
Everything is changing, faster than we can even think about it. Our world, our communications, our relationships, even our brains. What news are we reading? What is true? Who is telling the story? Who is in control of the story? Do we even know? Does anyone even ask? The times we live in require independent, investigative journalists who can commit to this work full-time. So you can have access to the real stories… which is the only journalism that really counts.

This writing is difficult.
Our world is complex. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Particularly topics that impact all of life on earth and our humanity. To understand what’s happening, you need a journalist who can merge high concepts with scientifically technical information. You need a writer who can blend physics, psychology, data science, and philosophy, with pop culture and economic trends, and then explain it all succinctly and clearly, so you understand what is happening and why. This is what I do.

Why Patreon?
On a weekly basis, I receive emails from people around the world who have read my work. They’ve thanked me for writing the unbiased truth. They’ve shared my work with their colleagues and networks. They’ve pitched me ideas for articles. They’ve asked me to submit op-eds to their local papers. They’ve encouraged me to write a book. It’s amazing to have a community of people behind my writing. But now I need the community’s financial support to do any of this.

Because? Life. And finances. And the fact that most of what I write and publish does not generate significant income (if any income at all!), but it gets the stories out there. Which is why I've been writing. These stories need to be out there. These stories want to be out there. More of them. All of them.

For every flawed New York Times and Guardian article that gets the science wrong, you need a independent journalist who can respond to them with the right science. And I will do that. But I can’t if I need to design a client’s website just to pay my car insurance.

For the last four years, I have found myself on a dizzying carousel, working 80 hours/week, and yet earning minimal income that equates to merely 20 hours/week (less than my monthly expenses), constantly financially stressed, no free time, mentally tapped out, concentration shattered, and in a perpetual state of movement and upheaval. But with a drive to write. And with enthusiastic encouragement from other writers, editors, and readers that I simply MUST keep writing.

Because it is too important to the world not to do this.

I'm frustrated.

I want to write.

I need to write.

I’ve been asked to keep writing.

Hence: Patreon.


As a writer and journalist, I cover the dynamic interplay between environmental health and public health, as well as the convergence of digital and artificial technologies with the evolution of humanity.

My work has been published in Southern Living MagazineCraftsmanship MagazinePaleo MagazineBest Self MagazineNotre Dame Magazine, and other print and digital publications. Also a nonfiction essayist, I explore topics of existential interest through personal memoir. My essays have appeared in Dreamers Creative WritingSuffering the Silence and more. My nonfiction essay, “Saved,” was selected as a third-place winner in the 2019 Challenge into Change contest at the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I got to do a reading on stage. I've also done a handful of media appearances based on my writing and research, including KGNU Boulder/Denver, Paleo Magazine Radio, and One Life Radio. 

Prior to my journalism career, I worked as an in-house and freelance creative director in New York City, developing and launching integrated advertising campaigns for media and digital tech clients such as InvestmentNews, BtoB Magazine, Advertising Age, CBS Interactive, Demandbase, Critical Mention, and Euromoney Institutional Investor.

The illustrious school stuff: I graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Economics. I was the year 2000 Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Dome Yearbook. And because words and pictures go together, I also hold a post-graduate certification in graphic and digital design from Parsons School of Design. 

You can view most of my published work @

I also blog @


1. More investigative feature articles: Your support means I will have the time and freedom to write more print and online articles. This process includes: researching, conducting interviews with experts, transcribing interviews, pitching stories to editors, submitting to journals, connecting with new sources, networking with industry insiders, and of course, the whole writing part too.

2. Medium posts and more: Patronage will also enable me to write and publish more culturally-relevant posts on Medium; submit op-eds and response posts to timely articles published elsewhere in the media; and engage in social media dialogues with other journalists, editors, and publications.  

3. Book writing: Yes, I am finally writing a book. Or, perhaps I should rephrase: With your help, I will be writing a book (hopefully many books). In the August/September 2019 issue of Paleo Magazine, you will find my feature story, "Can Technology Save Us? AI, VR, and the Dawn of a New Faith." In this article, I explore if our artificial and virtual technologies are, in fact, a religion. An interesting question, right? Well, it takes a lot more than a four-page article to really answer it. As such, I am researching and writing a book to delve into this subject in a way no one else has of yet.

** There are also other books on the horizon that may be published first, and I will be updating you on those projects in subsequent Patreon posts. 

4. Travel expenses. This September, I will be traveling to California for two reasons. First, to attend a 3-day environmental health conference -- the first of its kind to address the health effects of electromagnetic fields to the medical community. Second, I'll be sticking around Silicon Valley for 1-2 weeks thereafter to interview technologists and scholars for research for my writing. This trip will be expensive, and mostly out of pocket for me. Support would be immensely appreciated, so I could have the ability to focus on my work.

5. Life: Things like food, coffee, rent .. so I can continue living and breathing while I'm writing.


Depending on your tier of patronage, you will get not only my undying love and gratitude, along with reading much more of my published work, but you will receive benefits ranging from exclusive custom content, interviews, posts about my upcoming work, and at some support levels, you will receive print and digital copies of my published works, monthly podcast interviews with industry experts, and acknowledgement in my book. 

Thank you immensely for pledging! 



Twitter: @amaindesign
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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