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  • Early access for basic illustrations (SFW and NSFW): see illustrations at least a day before they are published on social media!
  • Access to general poll posts!
For fans with only a couple spell slots in your wallet. Perfect for the casual follower who wants organized access to my art early and all in one place. Occassionally, you may be able to vote on what I draw too! This tier does not include early access to my large, special projects.


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  • All rewards from the previous tier, plus…
  • Basic sketches, WIPs, and unfinished/abandoned works that do not get posted publicly (SFW and NSFW).
  • Coupons to my Etsy every other month. (February, April, June, August, October, & December.)
  • Discord access!
For the fans who are just born with it. You’ll be able to go through my hoard of unfinished and abandoned things like the lovely little goblins you all are, and get a small bit of an idea as to my process. Not to mention, coupons! Who doesn’t love coupons? Finally, with this tier you can talk to me and other community members through our Discord. Yay friends!
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Includes Discord benefits


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  • All rewards from all previous tiers, plus…
  • High-resolution files of completed SFW & NSFW art for your viewing pleasure.
  • An exclusive sticker every other month! (Even months - February, April, June, August, October, December.)*
Make an Oath of Devotion to me. At this level you get that sweet HD image you know you want, as well as an exclusive sticker to slap on your favorite notebook, water bottle, or person! 
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About Alissa M. Terracciano

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Alissa, and I am a queer illustrator, writer, and all-around nerd. I focus mainly on fanart and original art, as well as dabbling in stories and visual novels. Much of my work tends to be whimsical, drawing inspiration from mythology, folklore, and pop culture, as well as celestial and animal imagery. Being part of the LGBT+ community also has a clear influence in my work as I strive to bring queerness to fanworks and to be as inclusive as possible in my original work.

Becoming a Patron can land you awesome things like charms, early access to completed works before the public gets to see them, exclusive coupons to my shop, exclusive viewing access to sketches, WIPs, and unfinished works that I normally wouldn't post elsewhere, hand-signed prints, and the opportunity to see my illustrations in their high-resolution forms. You can even send me requests for what you'd like to see me create next! With enough support, I can take on bigger projects that I've been dreaming of doing, like creating mini comics, mini visual novel games, and tarot decks.

Becoming a Patron not only gives you access to tons of cool stuff, it is also an immense help to me. This Patreon page is an awesome way that you can support me for as little as $1 a month. This will allow me to create more and better content, improve my Etsy store, and attend more conventions to sell my work and hopefully meet more of you in person! Of course, it will also help me with all of life's average expenses like food and bills. My hope is to eventually move on to a day job where I can do the art I truly want to do – such as working with visual novels – or even be able to support myself completely off my own content!

I hope you have fun joining me on this journey and contributing to the eclectic art and stories that I create!
$33.04 of $200 per month
This goes farther than you think in supplementing my income! The monthly Patreon illustration can start getting a little more complex.
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