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Hi, I'm Andrew.

After surviving an ill-fated interaction with the business-end of a car, I have spent the past decade or so working on my recovery through writing, and a Creative Writing degree.I have been writing genre fiction for years, and have been in class for such ominously categorized writing for a few years longer.

When not working on one book, I am brainstorming another, and when I am, I am usually drinking my usual drink at my usual Starbucks while waiting for responses from literary magazines, looking for open mics in Vancouver, and theorizing about interdenominational deities. I build maps, theories, and travel calculators, and I spend way too much on all of these things.

I have short stories ranging from the tales of the sons of Zeus that are half turkey, a woman and creates WWI with her ordering of a lunch dish. I am working a novel about talking animals, deistic trees, and a world that breaks in half, one about a hyper-conservative warren, and a few about a the conspiracy behind magic, the spice-trade, and the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century.

My stories all in separate states of completion, but at any given time, one of them is being worked on, while others are being thought about and planned.

You can also just buy me coffee here if you want to bypass the nominal Patreon fee.
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I write you all an original 5,000+ word short story, taking in as much of your input as I can while still sticking to a base level of coherence.
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