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A cross platform open source clone of the ALIVE engine which powers Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Oddworld Abe's Exoddus built using a bottom up process.


I am the author of the current level editor for these games - see here for details: This editor is limited in what it can do due to limitations in the original ALIVE engine.

Using a bottom up development process the current engines functions will be replaced 1 at a time in a similar way to OpenRCT. Once complete it is then open to any changes and won't be limited in the way that the old engine is.

For example changing the LED message text, hint fly text, images that make up the animations, AI interactions isn't possible in the existing engine as these values are hard coded in.

Additionally the code can be updated to make it much more mod/editor friendly and also cross platform using SDL2.


Patreon funding helps me to spend more time developing the engine. For example if the amount of income from here was high enough I could take time off my "real" job and spend the time on this project instead :).

Github repo pages are or previously see the November post for why there are 2 repos/projects (short version: the original project was a top down design which would have taken much longer to reproduce the behavior of the original engine such as the AI).

Discord/discussion/patreon server:

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