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*The monthly Google Hangout will only become available once we reach our first goal of $5000 per month.
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About Allegaeon

What's up everyone! Thank you all so much for going out of your way to check out our Patreon page.


As many of you may or may not know, being in a touring band can be very, very expensive and many bands that make it to the touring level of their careers don't last very long after that. Between the costs of travel and maintenance on our touring vehicle alone, much of the money that is made on tour is immediately spent on staying afloat from day to day and this leaves the band little to nothing in the bank after the tour is done. This is a huge problem for us as people who have to eject ourselves from real life responsibilities (aka. rent, bills, food) for sometimes months at a time so that we can take our music on the road and bring it to you in a live setting. While we love doing so, the financial repercussions are very real and very pertinent to the survival of bands today.


We really do love what we do and want nothing more than to continue to do so for as long as we are able. The harsh reality of, not only our situation but, the current state of the metal industry is that fans do not have very many ways to directly support the bands that they love. While we appreciate beyond words the support that all of you have given Allegaeon over the years, much of that money goes to the industry figureheads that provide the platform for us to internationally market and distribute our music. Without them so much music would go unheard, and their role is an extremely pivotal one in allowing the world to hear our music. However, the costs of fulfilling their role are very high and do not leave much left over for the musicians involved to support ourselves.


For years and years now, we have all done our best to make money however we can between tours. Brandon is a farmer, Greg is a music teacher, and Corey, Mikey, & Riley all jump between part-time jobs for sometimes only weeks at a time while we wait for tours to start. As you might imagine, this process is very stressful and not knowing whether or not we'll have our jobs when we come back from tour is a constant fear among all of us. Even if we do manage to keep the job we had before tour started, none of us are in a position to commit the necessary time to further ourselves in those workplaces to the point of earning an average salary while we are at home. None of us are homeowners, all of us have roommates, and none of us even come close to making the average yearly U.S. income of $51,939.00.


So here it is. We want to make Allegaeon the center of our little musical universes, and to do that we need for it to be our full-time job. Just like any other full-time job, whether it be working at a gas station, at a tech-company, or as that one factory worker who dips the ends of dildos into paint to make them look super real (you da real MVPs), we need to see some sort of compensation for our work. Ultimately, our goal is to meet the average U.S income of $51,939/yr. for each member, which totals to $21,637/mo. With 105k+ followers on Facebook alone, if a mere 4.77% of that audience donated a meager $5.00/mo. to Allegaeon, we would exceed that goal by about $3,405 per month, giving us more than enough left over to throw right back at you in the form of exclusive content, face-to-face hangouts, and so much more.

The best way that we can show how much we appreciate your contribution to our success as a band and as individuals is for us to give back to you directly. Our rewards program stacks as the subscription fees go up, much like many other crowd-funding platforms, so that your subscription works for you as much as it does for us. For example, at the top of the mountain ($250/mo) you will receive:

  1. A customized 'Thank You' email
  2. An IOU for a group hug
  3. Membership to an exclusive online Allegaeon fanclub
  4. Early access to songs & videos
  5. An invite to a monthly Google Hangout AMA
  6. A care package full of Allegaeon merchandise
  7. Access to a video lesson filmed by a different member of the band each month
  8. A once monthly live music lesson from Greg
  9. Access to an exclusive weekly Twitch stream with Riley
  10. Early shipping and digital access to the re-release of the Allegaeon EP
  11. Automatic guest list entry to any and every show we play in your area
  12. Set list input for every show we play in your area
  13. A customized ALL ACCESS VIP laminate
  14. VIP backstage and soundcheck privileges for every show we play in your area
  15. Monthly video/phone chats with Brandon and/or Michael
  16. Dinner on us every time we are in your area
  17. A featured highlight in the Thank You section of our next album
  18. Any piece of Allegaeon merch once every three months.

Beyond all of this, every time we reach a milestone on the way to our final goal, we will celebrate with each of you by doing everything we can to go above and beyond to make your contribution worth while.

Once we reach our first major milestone of $5,000, we will host a celebratory Hangout with every subscribed member as well as send each of you a customized guitar pick to commemorate the milestone. At $10,000, we will begin the process of remixing, remastering, and re-releasing the original Allegaeon EP, first released in 2008. This revitalization of the first ever recorded piece of Allegaeon's music will not only feature increased sound quality across physical and digital formats, but will have reworked versions of the original four songs as well as a never-before released song to be included for all subscribed members. At the $15,000 mark, we will send every subscribed member a customized shirt with the names of all subscribers of $100 or more listed on the back, and finally, at our end goal of just over $20,000 we will have an all inclusive raffle between members for Greg's very own customized red Jackson guitar, as is featured in the Threshold of Perception music video.

In addition to the rewards we have set coming out of the gate, we plan to continually add and expand on our rewards system as time goes on and as we are financially able to do so. We are always willing to hear what each of you want out of this program, and want to provide to you the most worthwhile experience possible through this campaign so feel open to sending us anything that you think would be particularly badass to see on your doorstep as a result of your contribution.


Without each and every one of you, this band wouldn't even exist. You are the reason that Allegaeon has been able to make music for the better part of this last decade and you are the reason that this campaign is so important. Through Patreon, every one of you is given the opportunity to send support to Allegaeon directly without having to worry about how much of that money is going to outside expenses that the band will never see the benefits of.

As much as you have grown to love our music, we have grown to love the experiences and opportunities that each one of you has provided for us. There is no accurate expression for us to tell you how much we appreciate the support of all of our fans, but we're hoping, desperately, that through this Patreon we can work together to continue to create music and tour the world all while staying afloat and reciprocating to each of you, as best we can, the love and support that you have given us for so many years.

Thank you all so much for reading, and even more for your contribution to this Allegaeon meets Patreon campaign. You all rule.
$899.37 of $5,000 per month
To celebrate reaching $5,000 per month in subscriptions, we will host a Google Hangout party available for all subscribed members. In addition to this, each one of you will receive a customized guitar pick to commemorate your help in reaching this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 108 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 108 exclusive posts

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