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Hi.  We're Justin and Gord.  Two dudes who love video games and books.  Not just consuming, but comprehending.  To that end, we formed the Red Pages Podcast.  Then, since we realized we liked games a lot, we founded Allfather Productions to make some.

What is Allfather Productions?

Allfather Productions is the umbrella company that we use to produce games and podcasts. 

Tell me more about these games!
Yes, funded by this very patreon!  We have a page outlining our projects on our website.  We're a small independent studio making passion prodjects, and this patreon helps us keep things afloat because let's face it: making games doesn't make money, only selling games makes money.  And we can't sell a game until we make it.  Frustrating, but reasonable!

Okay, and you said podcasts too?
Yep!  Our flagship podcast is Red Pages Podcast is.  It is released bi-monthly(ish) to the entire internet free of charge. We interview the creators behind the media, people who create the media that you buy.  On top of that, we occasionally publish essays and articles on our website, covering topics ranging from game design and reviews to media coverage of events like Indiecade, E3, Bitsummit and GDC.

Interviews huh?  Tell me more!

On our show, we have had the enormous privilege of hosting some incredibly talented guests.  Some of our most prominent interviewees include:
Jeff Kaplan
Chris Avellone
Edmund McMillen
Rand Miller
Ashly Burch
Tarn Adams
Andy Weir

Our interviews discuss not only the product of their work, but also their influences, theoretical foundations and design styles - our discussions often run for two hours or more, providing a deep dive into the individual's life and work.

That's cool but why do you need my cash?

This podcast is a labor of love, not our job, and producing a new show each week consumes a nontrivial amount of time to record, edit, produce and release. This cuts into our real-life jobs: Justin is a grad student and a game developer and Gord is a full-time father with two babies. That doesn't even include the time we spend on things like our highly-regarded articles and reviews, which have been featured on sites such as Gamasutra, or maintaining the website itself.

We don't want to include advertisements for corporate sponsors in our podcasts.  We want to be able to continue to secure excellent guests and produce the amount of content that you, the listeners, have come to expect.  We are and have always been driven by a connection to our community of listeners, and much prefer to have our podcast funding come from you, the people who care about and actually consume our content.

Do you charge for these episodes?

No! Our shows will remain free and continue to be released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.  Your money will allow us to pour more time into the podcast, pay for serious design and usability upgrades to our website, enable us to cover nontrivial travel fees for live events and most importantly compensate the hosts for their tireless efforts to produce superior material and interviews not available anywhere else. 

Even if you don't sign up for a monthly pledge you'll still be able to get everything we do for free. But if you're a fan, we hope you'll consider signing up and helping us grow and evolve.

Thanks a bunch to everybody who has supported us, played our games and listened to us over the years.  With your help, we can continue to do great stuff going forward!

Justin & Gord
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Red Pages Podcast's website is currently supported by ads, and we really don't like that.  It's currently a necessary evil to pay for hosting, but at $40/month we can remove the website from the crushing grip of capitalist concerns for the forseeable future.  Viva la revolucion!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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