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About All Hail Haruhi


I'm Haruhi, and I am an anime and film hobbyist producing written analysis, community discussion and 'thoughts on...' posts.

You can find me producing articles over on, and rambling on my twitter account @allhailharuhi. By pledging $1 or more per month you'll help me to keep expressing myself while entertaining fellow fans and creatives.


Yoko Case Study - An in depth analysis on how anime visualizes women's bodies using Gurren Lagann as a focal point.

Defining Art and Our Approach to Criticism - Challenging binary notions of 'right' and 'wrong' ways to critique, and pushing for inclusive approaches to criticism.

Choosing When to Argue - Detailing how online arguments tend to play out and how to combat negative impulses.

Patreon is not a requirement for you to enjoy my content, as it will always be free to view. The incentives here are purely for those looking to inspire and support me in my further endeavors. I love you all the same - except if you give me copious amounts of money, in which case I love you even more than them.

I hope all this sounds like a good deal and look forward to seeing you around!
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