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Hello, art lovers! I’m Allison Elizabeth Burns (Allisoneb), and I’m a dancer and choreographer. My passion is creating exciting contemporary dance that moves people. My recent creations involve witches, immortal hedonists, polarizing groups, sexual harassment, and time travel. I am looking for support in creating more evocative performance inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, and human interaction.

"Delightful and mesmerizing. Allison Burns is a gorgeous dancer, exemplifying poetry in motion" - Allan Mackey, On Stage

Why am I doing this?

I have over a decade of experience in choreographing and more than two decades of experience performing dance. I've been creating platforms for other dance artists to share their work for about ten years. I have received a few awards and grants for my artistic pursuits. While encouraging, still does not allow me to create full-time.

Currently, I spend my days working as a dance educator, spreading my love of dance to thousands of children in my hometown. It’s amazing! But in my ideal world, I can use most of my energy creating dance.

Dance helps us understand our bodies, our emotions, and in some cases, our place in the universe. I want to move people with the shapes and movements of dancers. Become my patron and be a part of the movement!

“A true artist. She imbues each tiny movement with meaning and purpose; entwining story with choreography to create something so gripping and unique… that I am at a loss for how to adequately complete this sentence.”
- Guifré Bantjes-Ràfols, Actor/Creator

Where does your money go?

Your money will directly contribute to the creation of new art. It will also create jobs for many artists, and contribute to a more vibrant Canadian arts community. Together we can contribute to building a sustainable dance industry in Ottawa. 

Your support will help me cover expenses such as: my collaborators’ fees, rehearsal space, advertising for shows, travel to present my work at festivals, accommodations, and little events like meet-and-greets. Each project is a little different, and so the expenses vary. 

"Congratulations to Allison Burns and team for a wonderful evening of For The Love Of Dance at Arts Court Theatre last night. Bravo!! It was a fabulous collective of traditional and contemporary dance. I was privileged to attend this one night only, sold out performance." - Cate Proctor

How does this work?

I am collecting pledges on a per-project basis. These are projects produced, created, and/or initiated by me. You can count on at least one project from me a year, and up to five. You decide how much you are comfortable pledging per project. Check out the list of perks to see what extras you can expect based on your pledge amount!

What counts as a project?

In 2017 I completed three projects: a showcase (How to Live Forever at the Gladstone Theatre); Do You Want to Live Forever?, a dance theatre show at the Ottawa Fringe Festival; and The Key to Time Travel at Dark Horse Dance Projects, a contemporary duet.

“It’s unusual to walk into a room and experience beauty, but Do You Want To Live Forever? is an exercise in the sublime [...] I was captivated.” - David Currie, Apt613

In 2018 I completed two projects: a showcase (Inside Out at the Ottawa Dance Directive) and one choreography (We Three at the Alberta Dance Festival).

In 2019 I completed four projects. The first was prior to the launching of my Patreon account: I produced one showcase called For the Love of Dance at Arts Court Theatre. Since launching my Patreon account, I completed and presented two new choreographies: an extended version of The Key to Time Travel (Love Locks) presented at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and You're Never Fully Dressed created for and presented at the Uproar Arts Festival. Then, I toured to Toronto to remounts two works, one at the dance:made in canada Festival, and one at Your Dance Fest. 

"Thank you [Allison], for creating this show and for bringing together such an array of dance communities. This event was a tremendous opportunity to learn from one another and to connect with other artists! Namaste" - Geoffrey Michaël Dollar, For the Love of Dance artist
For 2020 I have plans to expand a work-in-progress choreography called Life Cycle of a Malignant Debate with a creative process involving a big cast of 7 dancers. I'm also planting seeds to reproduce the For the Love of Dance project this year or next. 

My career so far...

I grew up dancing ballet and modern. My later training focused on Contemporary dance. Since graduating from Concordia University in 2010 I’ve continued my education as a dancer and choreographer through classes and workshops, in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary. I am a Fringe Festival veteran, having participating in shows since 2008, and toured the circuit across Canada. I am proud to practice my art all over this country.

Recently, I have branched out to other dance forms and movement training, including Salsa, Breakdance, yoga, Waaking, and rock climbing. I’ve also learned a tremendous amount by choreographing for theatre and collaborating with theatre artists on multidisciplinary projects. Since January 2018 I have been taking singing lessons to develop another avenue of expression.

My work often explores the borderland between reality and magic, playing with fantasy themes tied to real-life dilemmas. I am interested in the power of intuition, and the values of matriarchal religions/societies. In much of our current society we have shut down part of our mind-body connection, our connection to nature, and the sense of presence in the moment. Dancers, in touch with their bodies, and the present moment, harness an eerie power that my choreographies extends to magical abilities.

“what a gorgeous show, full of surprises, and really affecting in its exploration of how we live in past/present/future. i can’t recommend it highly enough!” - Liz, audience member of The Key to Time Travel at the Ottawa Fringe Festival 2019

I have produced a showcase a year since moving to Ottawa in 2016. These are opportunities that I create for artists I believe in to show their work to a larger audience. 
$351 of $500 per creation
The beauty of Patreon is knowing what amount of fund you can expect to raise for any given project. When I am building project budgets for grants, festival applications, or my own personal use, I always have a field for fundraising and I aim for $500. That amount could cover the performance fees of two professional dancers, or 25 hours of rehearsal space, or a evening rental of a theatre space. This is a good place to start, but by no means covers the full cost of any project.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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