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About Allison Kilkenny

Hi, I’m Allison Kilkenny, a writer and host of Light Treason News. Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

This is a community where listeners, readers, and co-conspirators like you can help fund my work in exchange for extra interaction, as well as rewards like livestreams, snail mail, and personal feedback sessions.

How it works

Just enter an amount to pledge per month, and select an accompanying reward tier. You’ll be charged monthly, and can edit or cancel your pledge at any time.

What are the funds for?

Your support makes it possible for me to keep releasing regular content - whether that’s blogs, podcasts, or other writing and ramblings. I can work on larger projects like new books, without worrying about production costs and all that yucky stuff.

Not to mention, I can build this community here, with YOU! Offering rewards, taking feedback and ideas to grow the podcast, sharing my works in progress - it’s our own little corner of the internet to raise a little hell.

Thank you!

I sincerely appreciate your support. I couldn’t do this without a great community like you!
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