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I create and maintain neat stuff for people on the Internet to use.

Some of my current projects include:

Christmas List - a website to easily share platform-agnostic gift wishlists with friends and family
FastInviter - free-to-use event management and RSVP website that doesn't require an account to use
Ask - currently in development, an "ask me anything" platform similar to or other anonymous Q/A platforms but without the requirement for social media integration

I also host and maintain a number of community websites and projects for some other online communities, and write other open-source stuff that anyone can use for themselves.

My philosophy when working on these projects revolves around user privacy. It's crucial to me that I offer a usable alternative to other sites out there that doesn't track its users or share information with big data companies, and I reflect that in the stuff I build.

I also provide technical writeups of a lot of the back-end infrastructure stuff I do, if I think there's limited high-quality tutorials already out there. This includes everything from the basic hosting server and service configuration all the way up to continuous integration pipelining for websites and securely handling connection strings and other sensitive data. By becoming a Patreon subscriber, you'll get early access to those writeups before they appear on my blog as well as periodic Q&A sessions.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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