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Your (user)name in the credits and entrance in the Monthly Patron Deathmatch Giveaway! If you pledge even one dollar per month, your name (real name or username) will be featured on the end card. Due to the presence of videos already uploaded and sitting in my release queue, you may need to wait one to two weeks to see the change in the end card. Also, I reserve the right to deny placement of any offensive names... But you wouldn't do that, right? :P

In the Monthly Patron Deathmatch Giveaway, each patron is represented by a bot in some kind of multiplayer competition. The battle is posted up as a video each month. The winner receives a steam code for a random(ish) game from a Humble Bundle!
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Your (user)name in-game! I like to add viewers' names into videos as provinces, characters, etc. At this level of support, you'll be in the video credits, and you'll also have preferential placement for in-game naming opportunities!
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Postcard! Everybody likes postcards, right? Right. At this reward level, you'll be in the credits, and I'll also send you an annual postcard!




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About Allohmon

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Allohmon, and I'm a linguist, a writer, and an educator. I started making YouTube videos during a particularly hectic time (full-time job plus two part-time freelance jobs) because I realized I wasn't giving myself any time for hobbies, and that's not healthy. I've always had a penchant for playing cerebral computer games and for talking to myself, so why not combine the two? I'm also something of an educational technologist, and games like EU4 and Kerbal Space Program provide ample opportunity for teaching and for learning.

Why support me?

First off, I do OK; I pay rent and have food on the table. But I'm the primary earner in my household, and linguists don't exactly make gobs of cash! (Unless they're tenured professors at fancy universities, that is, but I'm lucky enough just to have my unstable "visiting" position at a state school, my multiple cobbled-together freelance jobs, and my professional blog.)

I have this fantasy that if this channel takes off, I'll be able to afford to quit my freelance work and survive on just my full-time job and YouTube. Or that if university enrollment or funding drops and I lose my full-time job, YouTube will help cushion the blow. Boy, this got morbid fast-but it's rough out there. If I can have some fun playing good games while also worrying a little less about providing for my family, that would be pretty awesome.
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My current microphone works reasonably well, but it's far from professional quality and has sometimes messed up my commentary on videos by glitching out mid-recording. At this level of Patreon support, I'll be able to invest in a professional-grade microphone for more reliable, better-sounding videos!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post