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Thank you very much for considering supporting us and our project here on Patreon. We appreciate any support you are willing to give. Rook and I have long done commissions and artwork within the furry fandom. We've been around the block for almost a decade. Though we enjoy working with others and doing artwork for our fans, our true passion is comics and story telling. Years ago a comic auction lead to the creation of 'All the King's Men', a cosplay role-playing comic which was released some time ago. We ended up loving the concept and after some brainstorming we came up with a story and world with a lot of rich lore and interesting characters. We also decided we wanted to keep the project community oriented, so fans and commissioners can participate and even star in stories we write as the comic expands.

You can find more of our work here:

What is All the King’s Men?_____________
ATKM is a community driven comic project set in the fictional world of Elcrest. The story revolves around the many adventures of the titular King’s men, and of course women, the fabled 'Raven Knights'. These erotic fantasy stories range from humorous to thought provoking all while maintaining a central narrative that ties into the main plot.

The Plot_____________
It is the year 255 AC (After Cataclysm) on the planet of Elcrest, a world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures known as kinlings. The continent of Theria is thought to be the only one in the entire world to have survived an extinction level event called the Baptism of Fire. The Baptism was a great war that began when four celestial dragons descended upon the world in order to punish the hubris and audacity of the godlike beings known as 'Eternians' and the furkins they showed favor to. The Dragon's of the Four Corners, great beast born of a mighty eidolon named Salamus, uplifted and empowered the lizardkin of Elcrest. With the lizardkin in their thrall, they waged a bloody campaign to cleanse the world in dragon fire. They very nearly succeeded if not for the bravery and sacrifices of brave heroes of the furkin races. Though time has passed and Theria is recovering, there are scars left behind by the great inferno in the lands and it’s various peoples. These scars are deep and drive a wedge between the all the kinlings of Elcrest. Now, a dark intent shadows the land and the anxieties, fears and animosities of its various races are rising. The children of the Age of Fire stand at the dawn of a new peril, unaware and unprepared.

In the center of this growing conflict is Lioncourt Kingdom. The legacy of the legendary, 'Queen of Hearts', Alanzia de Lioncourt who united the furkin races in order to end the madness that was the baptism. Lioncourt stands as one of the Kingdoms still whole after the cataclysm. There, among it’s Knighthood are a special group of men and women known as the Order of Raven Knights. Entrusted with the 'Eldeidan', magical weapons of tremendous power, they are tasked with the defense of the realm and protection of the lands of Theria from all things extraordinary and supernatural. To stand against creatures like the 'Dragons of the Four Corners', elderians, beasts of mana and mages made with power. They are sworn to protect against the corruption and blight these forces can cause. Their's is a history that is respected across the lands of Theria. All the King’s Men refers specifically to them, King Eriol’s Raven Knights. We follow their various adventures as their lives and duties place them square in the middle of the rising danger that is threatening the lands.

The project has comic Anthologies for sale
Tales of Theria, book 1 ::
$848.05 of $1,000 per month
When we reach $1000 per month I will begin the, 'Choose Your Own Adventure' side comic where fans can vote to control the actions and decisions of characters within the story, as well as vote in cameos.
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