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About Ally Burke

My name is Ally and I am an artist residing on the Virginia-Tennessee border. I work primarily with acrylic paint and ink. Sometimes I explore my own fears through my art as a way of overcoming them, sometimes I just want to draw monster girls. I also love Halloween, the occult, science fiction, and body horror, so these themes are often present in what I do.  

I'm on Patreon because, as a child during the Y2K era, I grew up in what felt like a weird fog of panic and dread, and as such have always dreamed of starting my own doomsday cult. Unfortunately, I lack charisma, and don't have much to offer in the way of spiritual guidance in these uncertain times. I can, however, offer stickers and other printed goods, so creating something more like a secret club for the people who like what I do seemed like a better option anyway.

Here I will be sharing works in progress, sketches, step-by-step looks at my painting process, and possibly even tutorials and stories about the cave my dad wanted us to move into in 1998 before society collapsed. For anyone interested in pledging a little more than pocket change I'm offering surprise rewards to be mailed out monthly. I understand that you could be using your hard-earned money to buy a couple of frozen burritos instead of supporting art, so I promise to make your support worth it.

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I've calculated that this would help me cover enough of my monthly expenses that I would stop stress-fantasizing about starting over as a paralegal or something every time sales at my online shop slow down.
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