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Access to Patreon updates, the ability to contact me directly through the platform and my Everquest OoW - RoS Farming Guide

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For those who really support the work I do and would like me to continue doing what I am doing.

Anyone who donates 5$ or more will also get more sway in suggesting the future guides they'd like to see me write. Whether it be Retro or Everquest - I'll go where my fans tell me!

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For those who want to go above and beyond with lending me a hand. I currently don't have anything super special to offer my biggest fans but I will eventually add something special for this rank and above. 

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About Almar Winfield

Hello there to my fans new and old!

I started Almar's Guides back in 2008 with nothing more than a leveling guide for World of Warcraft. Ever since then my website has grown more and more, first starting with MMORPG related guides and more recently I have switched to covering games of all types! On my website you'll find guides for a few different MMORPGs (WoW, EQ, WAR, SWTOR & more) as well as tons of retro video game guides, which has been a big focus of mine over the last few years.

Your donations will help fund this project and allow me to continue writing free guides for many different games. In addition to this, once my Patreon grows large enough I will begin to host giveaways for all supporters. I'll most likely be giving away copies of retro games when I do.
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If you're an Everquester that uses Almar's Guides you'll get instant access to my EQ Farming Guide + End Game Guides which are relevant for everyone in the game starting around Omens of War and continuing through whatever the current live expansion is.

Retro fans get a treat in the next tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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