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Hey there. I'm Alorth, I'm an adult game Creator, Artist and Animator.
Most of my free time I work on my own games, but I also make animations for other developers by commission.
I like to work with passion, creating something beautiful and complete...
Therefore always delivering high quality renders and impressive animations.
I also reach out to my fans, not only to improve my work, but also to get another perspective.

Why should you support me?

My hight quality renders take a massive workload even on high end graphic cards and ram.
So most part of the money will be invested to upgrade my desktop pc so I can work better and get images done faster. I'm also planning on getting a extra desktop when I got enough funds.

My small Team:

IGP - (Discord) Channel Overseer
HoboCop86 -
(Discord) Modding and Testing
Punk777 - Grammar fixing and dialogue improvement.
HaloGrl - (Discord) Mod and Advertiser
Sir Dammed - (Discord) Mod and Collaborator
Sagah - Proofreading and Testing
Razor - Helper and ToE management
Hestia - Advertising and Testing
Vi3tx - (Discord) Mod

Every team member here is helping me out since a while ago and they have my gratitude!
Not only for providing a free service but also for being such awesome people.
Feel free to join our discord channel and thank them personally if you want to, I'm sure it makes they're day even more joyful.
Discord Server

Neko Paradise

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Deep Story
Unique Animated Character Interface
High Quality Images
Free Roam

Tale Of Eros


Deep Story
Greek Themed
Eroticism and Humor




Short Story / Side Story
Artistic Elements

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I already have some decent machines, but rendering animations takes some massive time anyway.
So I really want to buy a better computer than just a 2 gpu slots one.
Reaching this goal will help that big time and I can actually afford to invest on a really heavy machine.
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