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Janitor Squim
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  • $1 is enough to view the fancy Patreon-only posts! (Excluding archive link posts.)
  • You also get monthly play-tester builds. (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  •  PC versions of the mobile game: Pocket Squim! 
  • Grants the "Patrons!" role on my Discord server!
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Purposeful Squim
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  • All previous rewards.

  • Access to the amazing archive of every game I've ever made!
    - Old, cancelled versions of Float.
    - Downloadable versions of Squim and L∞p-L∞p.
    - A BUNCH of old game jam games that have been lost to the ages.

  • All archive games are Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. 
    (Excluding one Float build.)

  • All archive games will include source files!
    (Excluding  Float, Squim and  L∞p-L∞p.) 

  • Steam keys to Squirm, and all future games.
Includes Discord benefits
Fulfilled Purpose Squim
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  •  All previous rewards. 

  • As of now this tier does not come with any extra perks.
    This is subject to change dependent on future projects.

  • You are free to join this tier if you desire to flex upon others.
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I'm Alex Carpenter and I make video games!
I've made a bunch of freeware games like "Squim" and "L∞p-L∞p".
You probably know me from my first larger-scale game, "Squirm".
Right now, I'm working on 2 new games: "L∞p-L∞p DX" and "The Legend of Bean"!
$46 of $120 per month
This goal would cover what I normally receive from a game on Steam a month. (A good month.) For your generosity, I will give back.
A fancier version of L∞p-L∞p will be made for Steam and be available for free!
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