Alpha Cubesat  is creating Space communications satellite and education

$1 /mo
Monthly email detailing our progress. Comes with all other reward levels.

$2 /mo
Monthly email detailing our progress.

$3 /mo
Monthly email detailing our progress. Random prizes drawing monthly to this group from our other rewards.

$10 /mo
Button. We'll send you a button with our logo to show your support! Button a month club with Teachers in Space

$10 /mo
Candy bar. We'll send you a candy bar that supports a boy scout fundraiser. 2.50 oz. to 2.75 oz. differing on the flavor,  Dark Chocolate, Almond, Caramel, and Crisp.

$15 /mo
Cupcake of the Month Club from Gennamarple:  Chocolate, - Vanilla, - Strawberry, - Banana, - Cannoli, - Peach, - Peanut butter, - PB&J
- Jack Daniels, - Apple Pie, - Lime, - Carmel Apple, - ...

$20 /mo
Star Trek or Star Wars action figure. 4 inch vintage toybiz or Power of the Force. Will have list from Gotta Have It Toy Shop to choose from.

$20 /mo
Roadmap to the Stars, ebook download from Star Voyager group and Leeward Space Foundation. link to view, purchase from us.

$25 /mo
Cubesat style looking jewelry from Adorn and other partners. Monthly donors will be get of each every month. See activity for pictures.

$35 /mo
T Shirt. Design coming soon to activity page.

$50 /mo
Space science educational kit. Random kits including kids electricity and science kits, will have a list to choose from.

$60 /mo
Custom wood cut word up to 8 letters. See activity for picture.

$75 /mo
3d printed model of a realistical cubesat frame, scale model (may be at 1/3 size).  Glows in the dark! Future prints can come in Light Blue, Blue, Red, Green, and White. See activity tab for picture.

$100 /mo
Team flight suit, khaki. We don't have a mission patch yet, but will try to get some other ones, while ours is in design.

$125 /mo
Star in a short story !  Space commander (your name) in a story about a cubesat by, published on web.

$250 /mo
Hosted tour of our facilities. Working with video team to promote for NASA requirements. Perhaps even an onscreen cameo!

$500 /mo
Founding member Silicon Valley co lab space at NASA Ames

$1,000 /mo
Tag along your experiment on our cubesat. Ask us first about what space we have available. (Refund if we do not launch)

$5,000 /mo
SPONSOR level: custom partnership to your needs. Ask us.