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Why Patreon?
With an independent income I could move to a better environment and invest in better kit and improve the quality of the work I produce maybe. I am not however trying to make videos that have the look and feel of commercial productions, since I feel it is time for us to return to a state in which genuine human beings as opposed to so-called 'personalities' are actually talking to each other, entertaining each other, and educating each other, in a plain-and-simple manner. I suppose I'm just getting a bit tired of the commercial 'matrix' really. Therefore, my videos are minimally edited... and will probably stay that way: I feel it makes for more authenticity.

What do I do?

My vlogs are mostly for people interested in some of the bigger questions, like enlightenment, consciousness, life on other planets, social issues and current affairs.


My gaming videos are usually aimed at beginning game players and typically show play at the lower levels of difficulty, allowing people to view the gameplay as they are likely to actually experience it themselves. This way, if they are not familiar with the games, they can decide whether they'd like to play them too. Anyway, many players, such as myself, don't have the time to get good enough to play a the top levels either and although it can be interesting and fun to watch a 'deity' play, it can be fun and interesting at the lower levels too, where most 'real people' hang out!

Right now, I live in London, England, and there's a lot to see here... if you're thinking of visiting or moving to this amazing city, check my videos out for ideas. But stay tuned for my holiday videos too!

So there you have it. If you feel you'd like to help support my channel, I'd be most grateful!

$0 of $25 per month
When I reach $25 a month income, I will turn off some of the more intrusive YouTube advertising on all my videos - those little text boxes that pop up over the vids while you're watching them. I don't find the skippable videos to be so bad, so I'll probably keep them going for a while, anyway: YouTube deserves some income, after all!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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