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Gain access to the Patreon feed (a kind of a members-only blog) and messaging system, where I'll update you on upcoming videos and other odds and ends, and Patrons can contact each other too, I bel...

Moon-Level: Founder Patrons

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Founder Patrons!
  • My first five patrons will gain a special mention as 'Founder Patrons' on my Patreon page for as long as they remain patrons!
  • I'll send my f...

Mercury-Level Patrons

$3 /mo
  • In a mostly first-come-first-served kind of way, if you would like me to, I'll add you to a list so you can be named as a character or object (e.g., city) in those games I play in which it...

Venus-Level Patrons

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  • If you have a question about life in London or the UK (Britain, England, whatever this place is called), ask away and I'll put it in the queue to make a vlog article about it. I may not get...

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  • If you like, and provide me with an address, I will send you an occasional postcard with greetings from London!
  • I'll host an occasional Google Hangout or similar to which you will b...

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  • If you happen to be in London sometime, since I'm living here at the moment, how about a several-hours-long guided tour past some of the sights? I envisage this as something like a loooon...

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  • You may have your channel featured on my YouTube channel - in the Featured Channels section! This will last from your first payment onwards, for as long as you remain a Patron at this level...