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Hello, I am Alterationartist, also known in the community as Torres. I have spent most of my adult years in the community trying to build a reputation as a writer. I've never felt limited to a single genre or even limited to certain subjects and scenarios. I pride myself as someone who does their best to remain open to doing almost anything, as long as I know that someone on the other end will enjoy what I create. Over the past year, I've picked up in the volume of written commissions I've been taking, but it's still not quite enough to sustain a living space on its own. In case you are a fan of my writing, or if you feel like supporting any presence or effect I may have had on you as a member of the community, then I merely extend this Patreon as a place where you can support me. I do not have much to offer in the way of rewards, but I have an undying desire to build up the validity of writing in the community, to stand as an equal to the artists I see and speak with every day.
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Basic living. With this I hope to be able to provide food for myself, as well as use a bit extra to sustain what I consume of utilities and space.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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