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About Alternative Mindz

Alternative Mindz has a large assortment of entertaining content for all spectrums of the Geek Fandom. We have been an entertainment website since 2001 and cover fun things like Toy reviews, all types of Conventions from Comics to Graffiti and even large Wrestle cons.

For over 7 years, we have had the honor of hosting an amazing and fun wrestling podcast called The Wrestling Court, which is available on many streaming sites and services.

We have a love for all things Japanese and do videos on history, culture and language.

We also cover toy industry trade shows like Toy Fair, Tribeca Film Festival and the New York International Auto Show.
Finally, artwork, which is been in grain in our lives since birth. Our first love and passion has, and always will be, the comicbook genre. In the near future, we will start producing speed drawings with comicbook characters from around the world.
Thank you so much for visiting and wanting to fuel the fire for Alternative Mindz to create more content that our viewers want to see.
8% complete
If we can reach this goal, we will make live streams weekly and potenially allow  our Patreons to sudgest ideas for shows.
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